I’m not pro-Palestinian

“I’m not pro-Palestinian.”

I uttered those words a few nights ago in response to a very good friend from Gaza who was sharing his thoughts about the characteristics of the activists who are “pro-Palestinian.”

I realized right away how provocative my words sounded, and how they might be misunderstood.  I also knew why my friend from Gaza labeled me “pro-Palestinian.” He’s like a son to me.  If I could shield him from the atrocities he and his family have experienced at the hands of the Israelis, and particularly the Israeli military, I would.

But my love, concern and compassion for my Palestinian friend, and many other Palestinians, doesn’t make me “pro-Palestinian.”  The label doesn’t fit me because being “pro” anything often implies one is also against something, in this case Israel and Israelis.  The world is not black/white, good/evil, wrong/right.  It’s so much more complex than that.

Being “pro-Palestinian” might imply I’ve selected a tribe to cheer for — the Palestinians — and rejected the other tribe.  In fact, I reject tribal allegiances altogether.

Being “pro-Palestinian” often raises issues of “loyalty” and “deference” and “submission” to the Palestinians and to whatever framing of the “conflict” they’ve chosen.  I’ve learned this by watching and listening to self-identified “pro-Palestinian” activists over the years.  My loyalty is not to Palestinians or to any of their many factions. I will learn from them, but I won’t defer or submit to their framing of the “conflict.”

On the other side ….

Friends, family and colleagues who self-identify themselves as Zionists or “pro-Israel” are hurt and angry that I’m not in their camp. I don’t accept their framing of the “conflict” and I reject their tribal loyalties. If I’m not with them, I must be against them, is the subtle message they often share with me.

One Jewish “pro-Israel” American rationalizes my odd opinions about Israel-Palestine by telling me — “You’re not Jewish, you’re not Palestinian, so of course you can’t understand what’s really going on over there.” — That compartmentalizing might comfort her unease but it only demonstrates how people need to understand the world by putting people in boxes.  I refuse to do that.

Instead, I seek to understand the complexities and the gray shadows cast in the region.  I try to shine a light on the things I learn, and on the things that the mainstream media callously and deliberately ignores.

I try to understand the “other” — both Israelis and Palestinians. I try to learn empathy.

This 28 minute NPR broadcast (March 22, 2016) “What happens when you empathize with the enemy?” is powerful. My Palestinian friends who reject “normalization” may reject the ideas shared by the Israeli soldier and the Palestinian professor regarding empathy but for everyone else, I think there is alot of wisdom here for open minds on both sides.


This week on Hidden Brain we ask, what happens when you empathize with your enemy? Why does reaching out to another tribe make our tribe so angry? We talk to Avner Gvaryahu, a former paratrooper in the Israeli army, who angered his fellow Israelis for talking about his work as a soldier. And we talk with Mohammed Dajani, a Palestinian professor who now lives in the United States out of fear for his life. His crime? He led a group of Palestinian students to Auschwitz to try to help them understand the Holocaust. We also share an excerpt of a one-man play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from Aaron Davidman.


Thanks to Libby and Len Traubman from Palo Alto, California for alerting me to this NPR broadcast.




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10 responses to “I’m not pro-Palestinian

  1. The Palestinians and the Arabs had and have nothing against the Jews (actually the jewish golden ages was under the Muslim rule, and the the persecution and massacring of jews has ALWAYS been European and Christian) … but they have all the fight with the Zionist occupiers who massacred and ethnically cleansed the natives in the name of Judaism

    I say all the time, and repeat: “Any attack (even verbally) against a Jew anywhere in the world is a racist crime that should be punished accordingly,

    BUT, fighting the Zionist occupiers in Palestine because they massacred us out of our homes is a MUST for every Palestinian no matter how long or how much it takes”

    The Zionist cancer will be undone even after 600 years like the Muslim occupiers of Spain received !!!

  2. :Dear Laura, your stance is well stated and comes from a heart of peace and years of studying humanity. It is right to shine light on the injustice done to Palestine and its people, but this is a world that likes to take sides. Good luck my friend.

  3. Sorry tosay, there is no “both sides of the wall” … there is an apartheid wall that can never combine the two adversaries … there is the occupier and the occupied, there is the colonizer and the colonized, there is the raper and the raped … there can never be a “good” occupier … ALL the zionists are occupiers and have ZERO right in Palestine….. is there a “good” raper?

    • Are you on Facebook? If so, could you post the same comments on Facebook? I’d like to engage in a conversation about the points you raise.

      • I am posting my views ALL the time
        I appreciate you but that doesnt mean I agree with all what you say
        Here is my FB comment

      • 🙂 I understand you don’t agree … and I respect that. But I was hoping to engage in a conversation about our disagreement on FB so others could join in.

      • I already posted that on your wall >>>> I am not a seasonal “pro-Palestinian” … or play a “pro-Palestinian” to publish a book or have my own business organization to get me a swelling bank account (dont mean you though) … but LOTS of the pro-Palestinian activists do that for money
        I am an ethnically cleansed Palestinian and would never be satisfied but with FULL historic Palestine minus the zionist settlers AND this is not an anti-jewish stance … it is an antizionist one
        I have nothing against the jews anywhere in the world, but I have all the issues with the zionist occupiers … simply they dont have the right to be in Palestine !!

  4. Michael Johnson

    I too have crossed this bridge in an attempt to come to terms with my “stance” in regards to this. I’ve come to the realization that I’m pro-human rights. It’s as simple as that. There is nothing anti-Israeli or anti-semitic about resisting a foreign policy that promotes atrocities against civilians.

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