Christmas Eve in Gaza

Thinking about Christmas Eve 2 years ago in Gaza.

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

Gaza is predominantly a Muslim community.  There’s a Mosque on nearly every corner, a room to pray in almost every public and private building, and the call to prayer is heard several times during the day.

Honestly, I was going to write-off Christmas this year because I haven’t seen a church in my 3 months here.  

One part of the holidays I do NOT miss is the consumer gluttony that turns normal Americans into crazy nuts at this time of year.   I don’t miss the flurry of TV ads trying to lure people into stores.  I don’t miss the Santa hoopla. 

However, I DO miss making fudge and Christmas cookies and pumpkin bread for family and friends.  I miss putting out the luminaries along the street and walking to Old Town to see the festivities there.  I miss the smell of pinon burning and cheerful greetings.   I miss my family!

On Christmas…

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  1. Ryan Speakman

    Merry Christmas, Lora! 🙂

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