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Day #20 – The Children of Gaza in Operation Protective Edge


A Palestinian medic carries the body of a child, killed in an explosion in a public playground on the beachfront of Shati refugee camp, in the morgue of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza (Photo credit: Juliana Jiménez)

Source: Day #20 – July 26, 2014 – Palestinian Lives Matter!

Three years ago, British journalist Jon Snow returned back from a reporting trip to the Gaza Strip, a war zone during Operation Protective Edge. Watch his brief report carefully. His observations should be held up to journalism students worldwide as an exemplary model for how to cover the realities of life and death in a war zone. Americans don’t see this type of reporting from Gaza, Mosul or Yemen. Why?


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Day #41 – August 16, 2014 – Jon Snow in Gaza

I remember seeing this last summer —- Jon Snow’s emotional plea to stop Israel from killing more children in Gaza. The numbers of dead and wounded continued to grow day by day with the world watching on. At the end, Snow says “Togeher, we can make a difference!”   I wonder if he would say the same thing today, a year later, with the suffering continuing.

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Day #7 – July 13, 2014 – Jon Snow returned to Gaza

British journalist Jon Snow returned to Gaza one year after the war to see for himself what changes have occurred. I wonder if any American journalists have returned to Gaza.

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