The 51 Day War – Ruin and Resistance in Gaza

Max Blumenthal – Nation Books (2015)

In the summer of 2014, I watched CNN as Israel pummeled the Gaza Strip for 51 days,  listening to Mark Regev, the smooth-talking Israeli spokesman, calmly tell the world why Israel was defending herself.  Where was the other side of the story? The side I know very well exists but most Americans don’t.

I was glued to the sofa in my friend’s California living room every day, day in and day out. I managed to accomplish little else. When there was electricity in Gaza, I watched for any messages on Facebook or Twitter that Palestinian friends from Gaza might be sharing. The days and nights seemed to meld into each other because of the difference in time zones. I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to be accessible even though I felt completely helpless to do anything to stop the slaughter.

Max Blumenthal, an award-winning journalist, did something. He traveled and got access into the Gaza Strip during the fighting. He interviewed family members of victims, he viewed the destruction first-hand, and then wrote a well-documented and researched book about it in very short order.

If you haven’t heard of  The 51 Day War – Ruin and Resistance in Gaza, I’m not terribly surprised. The mainstream media seems to be pointedly ignoring the book, maybe because Blumenthal raises some questions and pierces many of the assumptions that Western audiences have been fed about the Israel-Palestine “conflict.”

This 12-minute interview gives a good preview of what you’ll find in the book. Max Blumenthal knows his “stuff” — knows how to write about it — and knows how to share the unadulterated facts with damning clarity. I hope every member of the International Criminal Court reads this book cover to cover.