From Cairo to Tel Aviv

Mamdouh Sakr – Maqam Publishing House (2015)


A young Egyptian traveled to Israel/Palestine for a short visit — a few days — and decided to share his observations and feelings in this lightweight travelogue.

The author doesn’t know whether he should be visiting Israel/Palestine because he doesn’t want to be complicit in the “naturalization” process — by which he’s referring to “normalization” I think.

I found the book interesting as a peek into the mindset and perspective that many Arabs might have about visiting Israel.  One voice inside is telling them “no! no! no!” while the other is marveling at the sights and “progress” that set Israel apart from many of its neighbors.

I wouldn’t recommend the book unless you need something to pass the time on a long flight.

The book could use the eye and pen of a good editor. I found the misspellings and poor formatting very distracting.