Bil’in and the Nonviolent Resistance

Iyad Burnat (self-published 2016)


The author is coming to Baltimore soon, and I’m looking forward to meeting him and engaging the community in a discussion about his book.


Author Iyad Burnat


Iyad Burnat is from the Village of Bil’in in the occupied West Bank where he’s been leading nonviolent resistance activities for more than a decade. The book is about his experience and insights, as well as observations from others who have participated in the weekly demonstrations against the separation wall.

Iyad’s story is about this picture — well-known to many — that graphically depicts how Israel has been swallowing Palestinian land from its inception. Bil’in’s resistance is the resistance of many other villages in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

“We like to say that Bil’in has succeeded, with its peaceful model, in attracting honorable peace activists such as church groups who come to stand as witness. In participating, they help to activate the cause by moving world public opinion, and spreading the message faster, and on a broader level.”

The mainstream media, at least in the U.S., is demonstrably biased in Israel’s favor, characterizing the events unfolding in the region from Israel’s narrative, and the Palestinian resistance as violent. Iyad’s book will be a real eye opener for Americans who haven’t explored the Palestinian narrative.

“We have also had material successes on the ground. We have succeeded in demolishing part of the wall and moving it back 500 meters in my hometown – a great success for a small village. We have also succeeded in stopping the construction of 2,000 apartments in the settler-colony that has been built on our land, and we succeeded to send a message to many people in the world that this wall is not for security purposes. It is to annex our Palestinian land. We have made this clear.”

The book could use a good editor, and better typesetter, but it’s worth the reader’s time and investment.