Nablus slaughter – Israel’s “FUCK YOU” moment!

Israel’s military entered Nablus in occupied Palestine to “preemptively” “neutralize” three “suspects” who were allegedly “planning attacks in the immediate future.” The timing was exquisite, coming on the heals of Secretary of State Blinken’s diplomatic visit.

The Israeli military’s daytime raid began at around 10:15 a.m. (3:15 a.m. ET), Ahmad Jibril, the local director of Red Crescent, told CNN. It is “a time when everyone is out shopping in the open market of the old city. No one expects an invasion at this time of the day,” he said.

There were Israeli snipers on the rooftops shooting live ammunition, he said. “That’s why many people were shot in the head, shoulders and backs,” he said. Most of the dead were shot in the head, he added.

“People who were unarmed and even away from the old city were also shot. Bullets were everywhere!” he said.

Even by Israel’s standards, this was a brazen affront against international law and a big “FUCK YOU” to the Biden Administration.

The IDF killed 11 Palestinians and wounded 102 before withdrawing from Nablus.

U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Jan. 30. Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP via Getty Images

Blinken just concluded a meeting with Netanyahu in Jerusalem and, as recently as this week, they talked with each other by phone. [Blinken’s Civic Lesson for Netanyahu, Axios, Feb. 1, 2023]

Summary of call: Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke today (Feb. 18) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reiterate our support for a negotiated two-state solution and opposition to policies that endanger its viability. The Secretary underscored the urgent need for Israelis and Palestinians to take steps that restore calm and our strong opposition to unilateral measures that would further escalate tensions. The Secretary and Prime Minister also discussed broader regional challenges, including the threats posed by Iran, and the Secretary underscored our ironclad commitment to Israel’s security.

My message to President Biden: Netanyahu doesn’t give a flying FU*K about your diplomacy, about a two-state solution, or any damn “shared values” between the U.S. and Israel. You’d better tell the American public what you consider our ‘special relationship’ to be, specifying the substance and policy dimensions of the two countries’ so-called ‘shared values’. Only by clearly defining those values can you set the U.S. apart from Israel’s flagrant violations of human rights and international law, such as the slaughter in Nablus this week. And you should make clear what would represent a departure from those ‘shared values’. Otherwise, you and your Administration are joined at the hip with a country that “preemptively” assassinates Palestinians with impunity. (Israel has murdered 62 Palestinians so far in 2023.)

It may just be time to end the “special relationship” with Israel.


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6 responses to “Nablus slaughter – Israel’s “FUCK YOU” moment!

  1. Richard Baldwin Cook

    From their first appearance in Palestine in the early 20th century right down to today, Zionists have behaved as ordinary criminals, taking the land and possessions of the indigenous, semitic population, killing those who resisted, and brazenly deporting entire villages of non resisting families. Now, the Zionist cabal kills with IMPUNITY, imprisons Palestinians, civilians – men, women children – keeping then in prison, WITHOUT CHARGE OR ADJUDICATION and – without a syllable of legal justification – these arrogant liers claim to own all of Palestine, which is now to be converted into an ethnic enclave.

    A question every US envoy must constantly face: Are the heads of the pretentious, racist government of Israel never to be arrested and tried for their relentless crimes against humanity?

  2. Michael "MJ" Johnson

    Thank you Lora. I’m outraged.

    Take the word “otherwise” out of the following, and I feel the statement would be more correct.”

    “Otherwise, you and your Administration are joined at the hip with a country that “preemptively” assassinates Palestinians with impunity.”

  3. “On 23 February 2023, in light of Israel’s recent military attacks and escalation of widespread and systematic violations against the Palestinian people, 35 Palestinian civil society organisations sent a letter to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr Karim A. A. Khan KC, requesting him to expedite the investigation into the Situation in Palestine and urgently issue a preventive statement to deter the commission of more crimes by the Israeli authorities against Palestinians. The letter comes following the Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) vicious military attacks on Jenin and Aqbet Jaber refugee camps, and Nablus city, notably on 26 January, 6 and 22 February 2023, respectively, the high rise in the number of Palestinians killed, and the imposition of punitive measures. Alarmingly, since the beginning of this year, and as of 23 February 2023, 10:00 am, 63 Palestinians have been killed throughout the occupied Palestinian territory by the IOF and Israeli Jewish settlers.” Read the full letter here.

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