Why is the world’s opinion changing?

The world’s opinion about Israel, Zionism, the occupation and Palestine has noticeably changed between Israel’s brutal slaughter in its Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and its most recent military campaign in Gaza, Operation Guardian of the Walls.

A big reason for this change is that we’re now hearing and reading more Palestinian voices, both in the mainstream media like the New York Times (My Child Asks, “Can Israel Destroy Our Building if the Power is Out?”) and in social media. There are big lessons to be learned here for social justice activists worldwide.

One of those prolific Palestinian voices is Refaat Alareer, a professor of English literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. He’s also the editor of Gaza Writes Back (2013) and coeditor, along with Laila El-Haddad, of Gaza Unsilenced.

Today (Sunday, May 30, 2021) he was on a panel discussion sponsored by the Popular Front of India. He spoke about why the world’s opinion is changing, and the important context that the mainstream media and many western journalists have missed (or omitted) for decades. Refaat’s comments begin at hour-minute 1:04. This should be required viewing for everyone.

Another reason the world’s opinion is changing is due to the fact that American Jewish voices are rising in opposition to the State of Israel’s prolonged and brutal military occupation. Exhibit #1 is this open letter signed by many rabbinical students calling on U.S. Jews to hold Israel accountable. Exhibit #2 is Rabbi Sharon Brous’ sermon on May 22, 2021 to her congregation. Take a listen and share her words if you agree.


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3 responses to “Why is the world’s opinion changing?

  1. Michael Johnson

    Thank you for all this information Lora… I’m gleaning thru it now. The Rabbi Sharon Brous’ sermon of May 22, 2021 I found to be profound. This should be required reading for all analytical thinkers.

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