Walking for children in Gaza – join me

I’m walking again this year in the virtual #Gaza5K on June 12 to raise money for UNRWA-USA — a 501(c)(3) organization that supports mental health service providers in the Gaza Strip.  There are an estimated 2000+ people around the country participating on June 12th.  The goal is $700,000 and we’re almost at $500,000.  

Would you please help my team (New Mexico Roadrunners) reach our goal of $2,500 with a small contribution?  Donations can be made online here. And I would be very grateful if you would share my message with friends and family. 

This snippet from NBCNews yesterday (May 23) discusses the impacts of trauma over a whole generation of children in Gaza. There’s never been a greater need for mental health services in the Gaza Strip. 

Eric Maddox, the host of the Latitude Adjustment podcast, talked with two young Palestinians from the Gaza Strip earlier this month about Israel’s bombardment and the impact it has on the mental health of Palestinian refugees. It’s a compelling and heart-wrenching episode, and I hope you will take time to listen.

Episode 81: Palestinian Voices: Gaza – Resilience and Mental Health https://www.latitudeadjustmentpod.com/podcast/2021/5/15/81-palestinian-voices-gaza-resilience-amp-mental-health

If you want to join us on our virtual walk/run on June 12th, there’s still time to register here. Just scroll through the teams until you find NM Roadrunners for Gaza and sign up.  We’d love to have you safely walk with us in Albuquerque. And since it’s a virtual #Gaza5k, you can participate from anywhere in the world. Questions? Ask me in the comment below.


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2 responses to “Walking for children in Gaza – join me

  1. Actor Mark Ruffalo just endorsed the #Gaza5K …. yeah!

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