Medical Convoy to Gaza – Countdown

Dog in Murano 2Countdown has begun. A few days ago I learned from the organizer that the Medical Convoy has received permission to travel to Gaza on a specific date in the very near future. I’m not sharing that date for security reasons. The convoy will plan to remain in Gaza about 10 days.


Dog waiting for lunch

My TO DO list includes:

  • purchase Tarragon for a friend in Gaza
  • fly to Cairo to meet up with others in the Convoy
  • search for a specific medicinal cream for skin cancer that’s not available in Gaza and a friend there needs it
  • once I get to Cairo, purchase books requested for the library in Gaza
  • keep fundraising for the Medical Convoy so we can bring critical medicines and supplies to Gaza
  • write periodic updates to keep friends informed about the Convoy’s progress
  • contact friends in Gaza and let them know I might be visiting — alhamdulillah!
  • coordinate with Viva Palestinia Malaysia, the NGO under whose umbrella I’m traveling with the convoy
  • write a short piece for the local paper back in New Mexico

What’s the best way for me to document this journey with the Medical Convoy?  Facebook? Twitter? Blog? All ideas are welcomed —– and questions too.

dogs 2

Please take a look at my GoFundMe campaign and if you have a few dollars to spare, consider donating because every dollar will go directly to the purchase of critical medicines and supplies for Gaza!  A big THANK YOU to each of the 59 people who have already contributed.  Here’s the link for online donations.

I’m leaving Venice with a full heart. I’ve seen so much and met many cute dogs, and their humans.

dogs party





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4 responses to “Medical Convoy to Gaza – Countdown

  1. Heather Spears

    Lora this time may you – and the books an medicines – get to Gaza! Venoie a wonderful to spend the meantime! I just sent money fo meds to the family I support, Denmark stil sends Western Union there wit no problems while it is harder and harder to send from Canada or the US and there are always delays.Can I stil sen Black Beauty in Araic (or English) to joibn the cconvoy? as when I have tried iby post or courier it was refised as a “document” (eg book) Love and a safe journey, hope you will meet Amira Hass (Jewish journalist) in Rafah. Heather

    • Hi Heather ….. Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. I’m in Cairo now. Would you like me to look for that book “Black Beauty” at the bookstore in Cairo to take with me to Gaza? I’m not sure I understand you.

      I believe the Israelis do not permit Amira Hass to travel to Gaza anymore. I read her reports in Haaretz regularly. She is a very courageous journalist. I would be very lucky to meet Amira in person.
      Blessings to you!!

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