Feminine power

There’s not much disagreement that these are dangerous times and we are in a world of hurt right now.

ostrich-head-in-sandFrom the global (climate change) to the international (refugees crossing borders) to my very own backyard in the USA.  It’s disheartening to think about the trajectory we’re on, so some of my friends prefer not to think about it.

I don’t have that luxury.

Certainly, the so-called first world countries have set us on this path with many others mistakenly following suit.

Certainly, both men and women have contributed to building the contours of this dangerous path.

Perhaps, some of us remain convinced that this path is the right one, with merely a tweak here and there to improve it. I know we must get off this path quickly if we’re going to leave a sustainable legacy for our children and beyond.  The current path is a dead end.

[A future blog post about what I see on this destructive path we’re blindly following.]

To find this new path requires a new form of energy, and a new way of thinking. I’m seeing glimpses of it emerging every day, but I honestly don’t understand its contours . . . yet.

I believe feminine power is the new energy to propel us forward to a sustainable future. What is feminine power? Better yet, what is it NOT?

WeAreOne-MedFeminine power is not female. It may not make sense intuitively, but feminine power can be found in any gender (I write “any” deliberately.)

Feminine power is not patriarchal, by which I mean the values, structure and assumptions that uphold the current system.

Feminine power is not exclusive, not selfish and not finite.

So what is this new (actually very old) form of energy that I’m calling feminine power?

I witnessed it at the Freedom Film Festival yesterday in Malaysia. I witnessed it in Gaza in 2012-2013. And I catch glimpses of it from time to time everywhere I go in the most unlikely of places. I typically feel the power rather than actually see it.

My preliminary stab at defining “feminine power” includes the following: (subject to revision and ongoing reflection).

  • power that gives, does not take
  • power that adds, does not subtract, withdraw or diminish
  • power that is based on generosity, not miserly or limited
  • power that connects, does not separate
  • power that opens opportunities, does not close or limit them
  • power that flows from all of the human senses, rather than from muscular strength
  • power that springs forth from a higher source than mankind

I’m still thinking about this feminine power, and I welcome blog readers’ ideas.




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3 responses to “Feminine power

  1. Richard Baldwin Cook

    I appreciate your thoughtful and constructive suggestions.

    Perhaps the term, agency, applies to some of your working definitions for power. Agency, it seems to me, is not a zero-sum game, as the exercise of power can become. Agency is a recognition of the proper sphere for each individual to be and to do.

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