Oceans of Injustice

Many first-time visitors to the Occupied West Bank & Gaza return home numb from the experience. How could man treat his neighbor this way in the 21st century?

The oceans of injustice we witness there impact each of us in different ways. After her first visit in 2013, Farah Nabulsi returned home to the UK and wrote down her feelings in a therapeutic attempt to come to grips with her experience.

Then she created Native Liberty, a not-for-profit media production company that aims to rehumanize the Palestinians and draw attention to the injustices they face.

The fruits of her labor gave birth to Oceans of Injustice. Check out her website here.

Baltimore Palestine Solidarity Oceans of Injustice

Thanks to Baltimore Palestine Solidarity, I viewed three of her short films (Oceans of Injustice, Nightmare in Gaza, and Today They Took My Son) and then skyped with the filmmaker afterwards. She told us what motivated her to create the films, and her future projects.

“The Palestinians have been suffering for such a long time on such a large scale that its become normalized.” She wants her films to humanize the Palestinians and show the rest of us that they are just like you and me.  The occupation is NOT normal.

Oceans of Injustice will be released on May 16.  If you want to help people around the world to begin to feel what it’s like to be a Palestinian under occupation, please follow these steps:

1. Visit http://thndr.me/Ll4c5p

2. Click on “Support”, then “Support with Facebook” Or “Support with Twitter” (on your phones or computers)

3. Confirm your support when prompted.

I’m in awe of Ms. Nabulsi’s actions when it’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that we have no power to change the occupation.

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