Having a meltdown!

I’m sitting in Cairo in the midst of a meltdown. Yes! It’s damn hot and humid, but the bigger issue seems to be the political meltdown at home in the USA, across the Mediterranean in Turkey and Greece, and on the other side of the planet in Venezuela.

The whole world seems to be falling apart; instability is wrecking the lives of millions.

Maybe the heat is effecting my brain and I can’t think straight. Things used to be so much simpler, so much clearer, so black and white.

Now I really don’t know what to make of it all.

  • The U.S. election in November appears to be shaping up as a contest between an egomaniac, fascist, misogynist dolt on the one hand, and a smart cookie beholden to the corporatocracy and Wall Street interests (aka the 1%), and the military industrial complex that has brought ruin to every corner of the planet. What appears clear is that voters in the U.S. have been shoehorned into making a decision in November which won’t turn this ship of state around. No real democracy there.
  • The failed coup attempt in Turkey this week has generated so many conspiracy theories that my head is spinning. Did Erdogan stage the coup? Did the US/Israel/Saudi have a hand in fomenting the coup? Did a Muslim cleric residing in the U.S. orchestrate the coup? Or did the military simply say “enough is enough” and take things into their own hands, albeit rather clumsily? Social media is abuzz with innuendo supporting all of the above. What appears clear is Erdogan is now taking advantage of the failed coup to round up (execute?) thousands of his opponents. No real democracy there.
  • Venezuelans are running to the border with Colombia to buy food!  No food or medicines on the shelves in Caracas, no money in the state treasury, oil prices plummeting. It appears clear that the bus driver turned President Maduro has no support and no options for turning his failed state around. No real democracy there.
  • The refugees I met in Greece are stuck in limbo, a world not of their making or desire, but trapped nevertheless because life in a wretched camp is preferable over death at home. What appears clear is that their future depends on the generosity and empathy of nations willing to accept the refugees, but now the borders seem to be closing. No democracy there.
  • Egypt. Well all of my notions about democracy flew out the window in July 2013 when the military coup ousted President Morsi. Some Egyptians try to justify the coup by pointing to Morsi’s mistakes. No doubt, he made many, but in a true democracy, the voters can oust the fools from office at the ballotbox, not with guns on the streets. What appears clear is that thousands of Egyptians are “disappearing” into the prisons and cemeteries while the streets remain calm. No democracy there.
  • The hopes and dreams == the very lives == of many friends in Gaza are being squeezed out of them, day after day, by the deliberate actions of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the U.S.  A friend in Gaza told me “I want a new world, a new life.” I’m ashamed of my country. I’m ashamed of the apparent Democratic nominee for President and her “democratic values”, and I’m ashamed of our complicity in all of these wretched meltdowns. What appears clear is democracy is a term of art with no substance.


Democracy has about as much meaning as the term “terrorist” — overused to the point of nonsense. Truly Orwellian.

FUCK Democracy!  The experiment failed. Time to admit it and create something new. Seriously!



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4 responses to “Having a meltdown!

  1. I feel it is worse than that (worse than we can imagine). With every new whistleblower we find out that things are worse by magnitudes. I just joined a FB group called “Let’s Stop AIPAC.” The following is their cover letter on today’s FB site. I agree with it 100%

    Masoud Behrouz
    September 28, 2015
    One of my friends asked me that why suddenly my “Let’s Get Rid of AIPAC and Other Foreign Lobby First” group evolved into a Bernie Sanders supporting Page!
    The Answer is obvious.
    We consider all the Lobby Groups, including AIPAC a product of deep deep corruptions and political bribery. They are legalized MAFIA who control our congress, our Taxes, our wars, our Media, and even Candidates like Hillary Clinton through political bribery and possibly coercion.
    For god’s sake Hillary Clinton kick started her 2016 Fund raising Campaign with three Israeli Billionaires, why would anyone even question the fact that Bernie is the first candidate in 30 Years who hasn’t been accepting bribery money from Lobby MAFIA groups?
    Any counter argument?
    This groups is intended to combat AIPAC’s crimes against the freedom of the people of the Unites states and the crimes of the bribery and extortion of the congress of the United States of America.
    Please limit your posts to AIPAC related and domestic issues!
    AIPAC is the only crime organization in the world, who managed to legalize crimes of bribery and extortion in the United States Government, in favor of only two nations in the world: Israel and Saudi Arabia.
    Here is how AIPAC work:
    They seek, target, research, and vet immoral and treasonous people to select for the congress of the United States of America. Once they have their target employees for congress in different states identified, they will have a job interview with those potential employees, and make them pledge that no matter what; they will always put the interests of Israel, determined by AIPAC ahead of the interests of the United states of America and the world peace!
    We can only assume that the chosen employee signs some sort of pledge that he/she will always remain faithful to the interests of Israel, or more accurately faithful to the interests of the Particular Israeli Party whom AIPAC chooses to support, which is currently Nethanyahu’s Likhud right wing apartheid regime.
    Are there still any members here who hadn’t made their minds up regarding voting for Bernie Sanders?

  2. I don’t know what to say. I feel the same. I’m tossed between feeling embarrassed by being an American, and thinking I’m something more like a “real American,” what America represented perhaps long ago (if it ever truly did). I do not feel represented by my government. It is with this way with people’s everywhere. It is not working… that much is obvious.

  3. Yes, the term democracy has been used broadly and vaguely, has in fact, been misused by many hoping to ride its coattails while avoiding the “will of the people.”. More voices in governance instead of only a few, more participation by more people rather than less – that, in a general way what I think democracy is. It is also a way of making decisions without killing people who don’t agree with you as Erdogan is now doing. The systems which deliver democracy in many places around the world, including the US are breaking down. It’s not democracy that is the problem, it’s the delivery systems, as with all ideals. Religion has the same problem.

    • The delivery systems are failing? The people are the delivery system — the voters, the politicians, the elected officials, the media, the military …. are each part and parcel of the delivery system. The ideal might be valid but humans are incapable of living up to this ideal. So we need to find another governance system that works. Unless you have a suggesition for changing/improving the delivery systems AKA the people?

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