Day #46 – Aug. 21, 2014 – Remembering

Shujaya 7

An Israeli isn’t too happy with my blog posts, especially the posts about last year’s assault on Gaza.  (I’m not sure “war” is the proper term because it connotes greater parity between two military forces, which is certainly not the case between Israel and Palestine.)

He believes I’m inciting hatred (doesn’t know how to spell “incite”).

Not content that the war of last year, in fact it’s over a year since the last bomb was dropped or the last rocket fired and with much to write she decides to run a day by day dairy of last years war. Why? What does she hope to achieve by this?

So I thought I would answer him.  Explain what I hope to achieve.

My daily postings about Israel’s 51-day assault on the Gaza Strip last summer are meant to remind us (anyone reading) of the horrific events of last year, to educate people about some of the details of the assault, and to stand in solidarity with my friends and every Palestinian in Gaza who endured the unthinkable last summer. You are not alone!

My Israeli critic writes that the war is over. It would be better to write about “positive events” such as the Palestinian/Israeli orchestra.

The war is over, for the time being lady, please start reporting on positivity and not your reports that are so full hatred. Thank you. Maurice

That is an absurd statement.

The war is not over for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.


Gaza is Hell: Desolation and destiny in a land in limbo – Alice Su, The Atlantic, May 2, 2015

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip—Eight months after last summer’s war between Israel and Palestinian militant groups, Gaza remains in ruins. Drive five minutes into the territory from the crossing point in southwestern Israel and you reach Beit Hanoun, one of the areas hit most severely by land and air during the conflict. Bright blue sky spreads over buildings with big bites taken out of them. Half-eaten bedrooms and kitchens yawn open to reveal tangled wires, broken rock, and household goods: a slipper, a pack of sanitary pads, a ripped-up schoolbook. People peek over mounds of rubble from tents behind their former homes, like aliens come to settle an abandoned planet.

Suicide rates on rise in Gaza – Mohammed Othman in Al Monitor.

Awadallah expects the number of suicide cases to increase in the near future due to the deteriorating situation in Gaza. “There is no glimpse of hope for the Israeli siege to end or for the situation to improve. In the past, we used to say that Hamas’ employees in Gaza were not receiving their salaries; now the Palestinian Authority’s employees no longer receive their salaries. The situation is going downhill and the suicide attempts are bound to increase,” he said.

Cold Misery: Gaza is sinking amid hostility from Israel, Egypt and its Palestinian brethren – The Economist, Jan. 17, 2015.

In recent months Israel has arrested about 20 boys trying to clamber across the border. Real prison, says Walid’s father, might be better than life in the open jail of Gaza. And if shot? Well, he laughs, a quick death is better than the slow one on offer.

Shujaya 11

These are just three of many, many stories coming from Gaza today. This past May, former President Carter visited Israel and Palestine, noting that the conditions in Gaza are deplorable.

So my Israeli critic wants the world to forget, to turn a blind eye away from the disaster in Gaza. Not a natural disaster. Not an unexpected disaster. What’s happening to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip today — right now — is a human-designed and engineered disaster. The responsibility lies squarely at the feet of the state of Israel, of the Israeli leaders, the IDF, the Israeli public, and people like Maurice who prefer to bury their heads in the sand.

That is truly disgusting!

Shujaya 6

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