Day #37 – August 12, 2014 – Dr. Mads Gilbert on Gaza

I suspect that some (many?) friends in the United States find my posts about Israel and Gaza either fantastical, blasphemous, or downright lies. They’ve been too polite to actually confront me with these charges, but my intuition tells me this is so.

If I hadn’t seen things in Gaza with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe much of it either.  How could a “friend of the U.S.” and a country that touts its democratic values be guilty of such horrific behavior?

“The Israeli impunity is one of the largest moral challenges of our time,” says Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who worked at the largest hospital in Gaza during last summer’s assault.  He has visited Gaza several times and speaks with the authority and credibility that I hope will persuade even my most doubting friends to look at Israel’s actions seriously.

This 10 minute video combines Dr. Gilbert’s interview with video footage from the war.  Please watch.



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