Day #5 – July 11, 2014 – We Are Not Numbers

Youth in the Gaza Strip are joining together to declare “we are not numbers” (WANN) through stories and art in a campaign launched July 8, the one-year anniversary of the Israeli military assault, Operation Protective Edge. The campaign’s website explains the goals.

One great example, of many, is Hamza Mughari’s story about Reham. Please contribute to help WANN grow and give more young writers in Gaza a chance to share their stories.




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7 responses to “Day #5 – July 11, 2014 – We Are Not Numbers

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    We Are Not Number

  2. Badi

    Just a question .. why most of the mentors are jews? No Palestinian writers and intellectuals to lead their own movement?
    Or probably the organizers of such an activity are intentionally integrating jews in their program?

    • I don’t know the religious affiliation of any of the mentors, and I don’t think it matters. BTW I’m a mentor, raised as a Christian, have family members who are Jews and many good friends are Muslim. Religion has nothing to do with being a good mentor.

      • Badi

        When speaking of Palestine .. religion DOES matter simply because the whole problem of Palestine is a religious one … or at least, the zionists made it like that !!

      • Many (most) would disagree with you. The problem is about land, occupation, and the Zionists. Not about religion.

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