Paid political advertisement points finger at Israel’s nukes

The American mainstream media typically fails to report real news (ie. fails to dig for new information and ask tough questions of public importance) but instead regurgitates the pablum its fed from the power-elites or powerful interest groups.

A paid political advertisement was recently published in the Albuquerque Journal calling for the mainstream media to “wake-up” and report the truth about Israel’s nuclear weapons. Bravo to Douglas Reilly, Ph. D., retired from LANL, JRC-EURATOM, USDOE, and IAEA, for speaking truth to power. His paid political advertisement is reprinted below with permission.

“The 18 September 2013 issue of the NYT, you published an article by Victor Gilinsky and Henry D. Sokolski entitled Let’s Be Honest About Israel’s Nukes. I am a physicist who spent 46 years in the field of Nuclear Safeguards, Nonproliferation, and Arms Control. During that time I worked 38 years with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and spent 33 of them working with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), including 4+ years at their headquarters in Vienna, Austria. My group at LANL developed measurement systems for their Safeguards Inspectors. We also trained them in their usage, and trained regulatory and facility personnel of he Signatory States to the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). I developed a program that has trained every new IAEA safeguards inspector since 1978. All of the inspectors who now go to Iran came to LANL for several weeks as part of their initial training. During my time at LANL, I also worked at the Joint Research Centre of the EURATOM (JRC-Ispra, Italy) and the US Department of Energy (DOE

Why do I hear so much about the P5+1 Iran nuclear talks, and almost nothing about the Israeli nuclear weapons arsenal and ability to deliver them anywhere in the World? It confounds me that I hear about limiting the Iranian program that is far from developing a nuclear weapon of any kind, much less one weaponized and deliverable. Rarely do I hear that Iran is signatory to the NPT, and Israel is one of only three States not signatories (others are India and Pakistan). Some consider Israel to be the 4th largest nuclear weapons State, after USA, Russia, and China. I estimate the Dimona plutonium production reactor, built by France, has produced enough plutonium for ~500 nuclear devices. Israel has five submarines (more coming) capable of launching nuclear-armed Cruise missiles anywhere in the world, including the USA. They also have Jericho Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles, bombers and jet fighters that can carry nuclear weapons.


We now have a very strong Framework Agreement to limit the Iranian nuclear energy program and relieve some of the sanctions that severely impact Iranian citizens. Our media should inform the US of the whole issue of nuclear weapons in the Middle East (including the supposition that Saudi Arabia has an agreement with Pakistan to supply such if needed); this would allow them to critically evaluate the statements of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli government, and Congress.

There are two excellent books regarding the Israeli nuclear weapons program; Sy Hersh’s, THE SAMPSON OPTION, and Avner Cohen’s, ISRAEL AND THE BOMB. I read THE SAMPSON OPTION soon after it was published in 1991, but It is only a few months ago that I learned the meaning of the title:

Recall the story of Sampson and Delilah in Judges: after cutting his hair and blinding him, his hair grows back, and he is chained to the two main pillars that support the Philistine Temple. On festival day, Sampson pulls the support from under the temple, killing himself and several thousand Philistine

There is a well-documented, but not well-known, BBC interview with Golda Meir, Mother Israel, where the interviewer, Mr. Hart, interrupts and says, ‘Madame Prime Minister, have I understood you correctly that Israel is prepared to take down the world, if it ever feels it’s existence is threatened?’ Ms. Meir responds without pause, ‘You have understood me perfectly!’


This is scary stuff; especially because Israel can deliver a great deal of hurt to the world. Why does the USA publicly act as though we are unaware of the Israeli nuclear weapons? How can Speaker Boehner invite Netanyahu to address a Joint Session of Congress, bypassing the President and Secretary of State? How do 47 US Senators have the chutzpah to send the letter they did to Iran’s leaders.

Sincerely, T. Douglas Reilly



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3 responses to “Paid political advertisement points finger at Israel’s nukes

  1. Linda Moscarella

    Thanks so much for reprinting this. And thanks to Douglas Reilly for paying to put this message out in the Journal News. I’m sure it’s the only way it would ever appear in our principal NM newspaper!

  2. Michaele Scott

    Thank you so much, Lora. I hope every single person who gets the Alb. Journal reads this (I don’t so am truly grateful for you post). I hadn’t heard the Golda Meir quote before and find it so disturbing while it explains so much. Again, thank you.

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