Here one minute, gone the next!

A friend posted a link to BUZZFEED this morning that contained some pretty damning tweets about how the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducted its operation in Gaza last summer. Remember, that was Israel’s 51-day “defensive action” that killed over 2,000 Palestinians. (I wonder what the “conflict” looks like when Israel takes OFFENSIVE action for goodness sake!)


I reposted the article to my Facebook page but within the hour, it was gone.  Not my post, the BUZZFEED page linked from my post.

not found

Hmmmm!   This seems awfully fishy.  Did someone pressure Buzzfeed to remove the article from its website? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thankfully, it appears Glenn Greenwald is more courageous than the folks at Buzzfeed. Check it out here.


So the online drama — why did Buzzfeed remove this story from its website? — deserves some investigation itself.

We should all be following Daniel Wickham on Twitter, the young man whose shocking tweets exposed the actions of the “most moral army in the world.” Whether Buzzfeed wants to share it or not, the cat’s out of the bag thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Glenn Greenwald.



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