Woke up this morning and checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts for any breaking news. Surprised to learn of a social media campaign launched by Hamas in Gaza using the hashtag #AskHamas. Apparently, Hamas leaders are trying to reach western audiences (hence the English!) with the goal of breaking down the “terrorist” label that some Western governments have slapped on the group.

I applaud them for this effort, but it shouldn’t have come to anyone’s surprise that the Zionists (maybe not all Zionists but the rabid fools) have occupied the Twitter-sphere all day using foul language and grotesque pictures.

The Washington Post reported that their Twitter campaign backfired.  The Israeli ynetnews.com reported the torrent of abuse the twitter campaign has already received. The Times of Israel, ABC News, Haaretz, Times of India, and FOX News all jumped in to announce how the Twitter campaign “backfired”. I won’t be surprised if this simple Twitter campaign doesn’t make the nightly TV news in the United States this evening. I’ll be watching.

So maybe these commentators are correct, if the Hamas organizers wanted a rational Q & A on social media, then it certainly backfired because 99% (my estimate) of the Tweets appear to be from hatemongers, Zionist trolls, and Israeli apologists. They have spewed forth so much vitriolic venom in the last 12 hours that #AskHamas has actually been trending in America. Amazing!

On the other hand, if Hamas wanted to grab the attention of the western mainstream media and expose these rabid hatemongers, then this campaign has exceeded beyond anyone’s imagination.

So I encourage folks to check out #AskHamas on Twitter.  And post a serious question or two.

Apologies in advance, but I think it’s instructive to see some examples of the Zionists’ idiocy.

Kevin Long ‏@KL4AMERICA 1m1 minute ago
Maybe people would like you more if you wore your underpants over your trousers like Superman. Everybody likes him. Am I right? #AskHamas
Rebecca Thompson ‏@thisgirlsaysno 5m5 minutes ago
@AskHamas How many poots would Putin poot if Putin could poot poots? And where would he be while pooting? #AskHamas #fartjoke
The Python ‏@RozPython 7m7 minutes ago
#AskHamas Hi there. TY for doing this. What are your thoughts on the Prophet Muhammad sticking items of all shapes and sizes up his ass?

Mixty Motions ‏@iamnotchjohnson 8m8 minutes ago

Do you have bacon flavored bacon? #AskHamas

serena!!! ‏@suhhhhrena 9m9 minutes ago
@PolitiBunny: Why did the terrorist cross the road? Cuz his dick was stuck in the chicken. #AskHamas :)” wallahi white people need to stop
Chris Cross ‏@ProIsrael007 11m11 minutes ago
#AskHamas How much payola do you get from John Greyson & Demon D’Oliveria to kill Jews and, by the way, do you know they’re gay?
Robert Stanfield ‏@ReturnofBigfoot 2m2 minutes ago
#askhamas how young is too young? Does it bother you that no woman will ever truly love you? Is fear and intimidation an aphrodisiac?
Jason ‏@chopblockphx 5m5 minutes ago
How much funding is needed to step up your clothing game to suits and bowties like the Nation of Islam? #AskHamas

 Don’t these fools understand how their comments reflect back on them?  I’m embarrassed on their behalf.



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3 responses to “#AskHamas

  1. izik

    “Apologies in advance, but I think it’s instructive to see some examples of the Zionists’ idiocy”
    These tweets were written by: Kevin Long, Rebecca Thompson, Robert Stanfield and more. Doesn’t sounds like Zionists names.
    Maybe you got it wrong, maybe those tweets just reflecting the absurd of Hamas (which controls and restrict the internet in Gaza) using Tweeter.

  2. “Don’t these fools understand how their comments reflect back on them?” Silly question. They absolutely do not understand that. Haters never do because they feel their hate is justified. Let them keep it up, they are poisoning themselves.

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