Amber Alert for all of us?

Sitting in this California public library today, cell phones everywhere suddenly sounded a strange alarm.  In all directions, people were reaching for their cell phones, and the quiet library became even quieter. One young boy asked the old man sitting next to him (perhaps his grandfather?) “What’s up?”













“The police are telling us that a child has been kidnapped. Everyone should keep their eyes open in case we see the child and his abductor.”  A description of the child was texted to hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

2 hours ago – National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Jayden Santiago – Male, 1-year old … Last seen Mar 9, 2015 in San Pedro, CA … wearing a light brown and green sweater, green and … Gray 2006 Nissan Altima #5UCF010 (CA)

This is California’s AMBER Alert in action.  All adults need to be watching out for children, everyone’s child.



The planet needs an AMBER Alert.  The planet needs an AMBER Alert.     THE . PLANET . NEEDS . AN . AMBER . ALERT!

Wake up people!  The home of your children, grandchildren and everyone else you care about, is running out of time.  The CO2 in the atmosphere is going to blast through 400 ppm (the upper limit of a safe and livable planet) and no one is paying attention.

January 2013 – 395.66 ppm

January 2014 – 397.83 ppm

January 2015 – 399.85 ppm

Sear these numbers into your memory. With the feedback loops kicking into full gear now, this may well be the last time you see CO2 limits under 400 ppm.

Figure-9 (1)







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