My questions to Bibi

Benjamin_Netanyahu_portraitWe have two leaders in the Middle East sharing apocalyptic images of death and destruction while using religious dogma to support their positions.

Watch Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu’s speech to Congress here:

And Graeme Wood’s article in The Atlantic this month describes what ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wants. My summary is here.

On the subject of Bibi’s speech, I wish a journalist would ask Bibi these questions:

  1. Will you sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty?
  2. Will you allow inspections of your nuclear program?
  3. Will you disclose what actions you have taken in the fight against ISIS, alongside Iran, Jordan and others?
  4. Will you release the taxes you have withheld from the Palestinian Authority?
  5. Will you allow a humanitarian ship to bring supplies directly to the port in Gaza?
  6. Will you open the Erez Crossing so that Palestinians can freely transit between Gaza and the West Bank to visit their families, study and work unimpeded by Israel’s burdensome checkpoints?
  7. Will you allow Palestinian students in Gaza who have received scholarships and opportunities to pursue their education abroad to leave Gaza through the Erez Crossing?
  8. Will you end settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories?
  9. Will you agree to abide by U.N. Security Council resolutions and recognize a divided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Palestine?
  10. Will you lift the 8+ year siege and blockade of Gaza Strip?
  11. Will you end the illegal military occupation of Palestine?

The answer to each of these questions will inform U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East more than Bibi’s grandstanding in front of Congress.



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6 responses to “My questions to Bibi

  1. I am an Israeli and I have to replay this one as a very simple sentence: “You have no idea what it is like to be surrounded by millions of enemies all over your…”

    Why don’t you ask the right questions and you are taking only one side of the conflict? Why nobody really tells the truth about being alone on the battlefield?

    We, as Israelis, have to protect ourselves from people whom take one side of the conflict and never say anything about the hundreds of terrorists are around us 24/7 and trying to get us out of here, straight to the middle of the sea, and that will be ashamed. Why? Because it’s not going to stop there, as you can probably see now in an image of ISIS, which is on of the many many many terror organizations!

    The state of Israel is the only place on earth, which contains so many religions and the fundamentalist muslims in it take bad actions against it, and the main question here is: How much further is that going to take place? How long are we going to be occupiers and being under the risk of death, again, 24/7?

    Nobody can say anything about it unless he lives here, under the attacks and the problematic situations we live in all along!!!

    • You live under occupation as much as the Palestinians do. Your occupation is a wall of fear. Your enemies might become your friends if you could see them as human beings instead of death-seeking monsters. I know you believe your reality is the “truth” and mine is wishful thinking. But I have lived with the Palestinians and have friends and family who are Jews. I only want both sides to have a just and lasting peace.

      • Hi there, Laura.
        first of all, thanks for your reply.
        secondly, even i am on one side of the story, i do really understand the palestinians side and tje difficulties the live in, as well as the wishes of most of them to live in peace and peaceful.
        however, peace is made by the leaders and the leaders of them has mentioned so many times the diatruction of israel, and you can see it on the web and on youtube (if needed i can add links) then would anyone explain to me how we can make peace with the ones whom want us dead?

      • I understand what you are saying.

        But let’s not forget the Likud Charter. I have read it. It will not recognize a Palestinian State.

        For 60 + years, the Palestinians have been subjugated and demeaned under a brutal occupation.

        I believe in the Golden Rule — treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated.

        I lived with Palestinians in Gaza and talked with many, many Palestinians. I know there are many who want a lasting peace but it must include justice. Peace without justice is just wishful thinking.

      • Hi thrre.
        first, before I get start writing the reply, I must say I do really like reading your replies, though it’s not the haters way of write and/or speak.
        Secondly, the reality is a bit different: Palestine can’ft live as a state beside Israel, though Israel would be threatened allways, and that’s the past fact: no matter what israel wanted to give for real peace was answered as “israel must be destroyed”, then how can you really trust someone whom wants to get rid of you?
        The last summer’s fight was 50 full days, which was a full threat of all israel, and the real people in gaza couldn’t do anything as their government (so called “government”) used them to continue the battle as “humanshields”, or there’s someone whom thinks it was different way of fighting?
        The first days of the summer’s fight was answered by the israeli government (yes, that’s right, the very same “Likud” government people hate so much) as: silence will be answered by silence, and what exactly the palestinian side prefered to do? Keep fighting on their citizens’ back. The real people in gaza can’t really do anything about their problematic government which gets better missiles and other ammunition and fights whenever it wants against the israeli people, and what the smart world said? “They’re poor and in a very bad situation and israel is the bad one…”, even though israel really wanted to have silent and happy summer for the kids summer vacation!!! Can anyone blame us now???

        Good day.

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