War is a pathology

War is a pathology, no doubt about it.

Author Karen Armstrong calls war a  “psychosis caused by an inability to see relationships” and she urges a universal religion of compassion.

Shujaya 5

So maybe we need a Department of Psychoanalysis rather than a Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The Republicans in Congress seem hellbent on defunding DHS.  I say “call their bluff and do it.  Please!”

My new Department of Psychoanalysis would be staffed with professional shrinks who have a minor in cultural sensitivity.  They would be charged with examining global security threats from the humanistic perspective – whether environmental threats, economic threats, military threats, and even political threats. If we were only smart enough to see that these are all connected.

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Today, in advance of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress next week, they might analyze reports coming in from the Holy Land about the rising predictions of another assault on Gaza.  Although the Israeli public seems oblivious, Gideon Levy writes that Israel is galloping to the next war in Gaza.

Israel will again pretend to be surprised and offended – the cruel Arabs are attacking it with rockets again, for no reason.

The vast majority in Israel probably suffer from dissociative amnesia and carry on their lives as though all is fine in the world, but there are some in Gaza (just a few miles away) who believe Judgement Day is near.  That’s what is motivating Daesh (aka ISIS) and it’s not difficult to see why some people in Gaza who have lived their entire adult lives under Israel’s brutal occupation and the genocidal assault last summer, would fall prey to such apocalyptic thinking.


The Secretary of the Department of Psychoanalysis would be able to communicate such threats to the President and Congress.  Her recommendations might include:

  1. Take whatever steps are necessary to end Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.
  2. Send the Sixth Fleet into the port of Gaza, break the 8+ year siege, and bring the humanitarian supplies (medicine, housing and food) that are desperately needed in Gaza.
  3. Invite Netanyahu to the Pentagon for a briefing when he is in town next week, tell him the facts, give him an ultimatum, follow through on the ultimatum if he fails to deliver.

We really could shift the direction of world affairs by simply shifting the trim tab on the ship of state. It doesn’t take much, just a pair of balls.



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