Thunderclap for #Freedom4Gaza

This is my first Thunderclap. A week ago I didn’t know what a Thunderclap was.

“Palestinians have a right to dignity & freedom. Respect their humanity. Lift the blockade. #Freedom4Gaza

Leaders of the international donor community are meeting in Cairo on 12 October to pledge billions of dollars for Gaza’s reconstruction… again. Just five years ago, this same donor community met in Egypt and pledged billions to reconstruct Gaza following a previous round of hostilities.

We, the international humanitarian community, academic institutions, civil society and concerned individuals, demand an end to this familiar cycle of destruction and reconstruction. We demand that those with the power to influence address the underlying causes of the hostilities. Reconstruction must not be overshadowed by the fear of another round of destruction. Aid is not a substitute for human rights. While pledging billions for reconstruction, let us remember that the denial of freedom can never lead to lasting peace.

The Palestinian people must have freedom of movement, freedom of access, freedom to trade, freedom from aid dependency and freedom from the fear of death and destruction. Palestinians in Gaza have been living under the Israeli-imposed blockade for seven years. We say with one voice: “yes to reconstruction, yes to lifting the blockade and yes to #Freedom4Gaza”. Safeguarding Israel’s security must come with respect for the dignity and humanity of the Palestinian people. Palestinians, too, have legitimate security concerns and the right to live free from death, destruction and fear. They are being denied a future. That future must be restored.

Please join your voice to the millions calling to the international donor meeting in Cairo for #Freedom4Gaza. With just one click you can tell world leaders that precious aid money cannot be squandered in the now familiar cycle of reconstruction and destruction. There is no lasting solution without ending the ongoing occupation and lifting the blockade. Never again, enough is enough.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Register for the Thunderclap and encourage your followers to join: When you sign up to join the #Freedom4Gaza Thunderclap campaign via Twitter or Facebook, a custom message will be issued on 12 October to encourage the donors meeting in Cairo to end the familiar cycle of destruction and reconstruction by ending the ongoing occupation and lifting the blockade.
  2. Use our suggested tweets to spread the word and call for #Freedom4Gaza


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