Photos for my Congresswoman

I’ve spent the past 3 hours reviewing Denny’s photos of Gaza. I’m feeling overwhelmed and couldn’t keep my tears back.

Denny is an American from Santa Fe, New Mexico who is currently living in Gaza. He witnessed Israel’s massive assault on Gaza this summer, and when the ceasefire was announced after 51 days of shelling and more than 2,000 dead, Denny ventured out with his camera to document some of what he saw.

He posted hundreds of photos on Facebook. I’m going to make copies of some to share with my Congresswoman on Monday.

Haven’t decided exactly which yet, but here are the “finalists”.  If any speak especially to you, please let me know.

Child in Shujaya


children in Shujaya

Chilren in Shujaya 2

Gaza destruction 2

Gaza destruction 3

Gaza destruction 4

Gaza destruction 5

Gaza destruction 6

Gaza destruction 7

Gaza destruction 8

Gaza destruction

getting water in Shujaya 2

getting water in Shujaya

Ministry of Finance

shujaya 1

shujaya 2

shujaya 3

Shujaya 4

Shujaya 5

Shujaya 6

Shujaya 7

Shujaya 8

Shujaya 9

Shujaya 10

Shujaya 11

Shujaya family

UN school




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7 responses to “Photos for my Congresswoman

  1. Linda Moscarella

    Balance wreckage with human interest. I like those making peach signs.

  2. Emily

    I am so sorry I missed this opportunity to give you the photos. My email did not indicate I got a reply from you! I will send you the photos anyway. Bless you for all the work you are doing.

  3. Nurlina Vee Mohd Saad

    Dear Lora… me support you 100%.
    #Pray4Gaza #ICC4IsraelGenocide

  4. Emily

    Hi Lora!

    I highly suggest contrasting these awful post-war pictures of Gaza with those of Gaza before the war. I have three excellent ones in mind I just picked out from my trip to Gaza in 2011 (I went in 2009, 2011, and 2013 to visit my in-laws there who live just outside Khan Younis).

    One picture shows the courtyard and school buildings of a boys middle school, which can show how such schools were before the bombing like the picture you have above.

    Another photo shows daytime Khan Younis with the roads paved and people bustling about around the buildings doing business, another contrast to the shells many towns are now.

    And my third photo is a rooftop view of Abasan, very close to Khuzaa which again can show how Palestinians lived in normal beautiful towns, not simply the destroyed rubble seen now.

    I suggest contrasting such pictures because I think it is easy for others not familiar with Gaza to liken it to many other war-torn areas in Africa and Asia and desensitize themselves to the plight there. They simply cannot see that this is a society that can and does prosper given a chance. It is a society that values education, has high rates of literacy, is resourceful, knowledgeable about how to build businesses and factories and run farms and greenhouses. Palestinians in Gaza are dependent on aid not because they are incapable of doing for themselves but because of the denial of their rights. Yet, they rise up to rebuild every time, despite lack of materials, despite lack of electricity, or even pay. They work hard in school, push their kids to do well, and attend university, despite the fact that there are virtually no jobs for those who graduate and no travel allowed for those who find work or education abroad. The photos must be contrasted to show the depth of destruction of what Palestinians are trying to build against all odds… and this is precisely why they are being punished. Again, this is not a society that uses a cart and donkey because they are not in the modern world… they are being deprived the trade that would allow more cars and fuel into Gaza, they are being impoverished with the destruction of their economy and their homes, and they are being humiliated by the fact that Western lawmakers sing about Israeli rights without mentioning even the word Palestinian.

    I know you know these things but want to help you say them in the most effective way possible. 🙂 As my husband is from Gaza and I see and hear what the people experience, I am simply frustrated and heartbroken as you all are. My congressional rep gave a 4 minute floor speech during the war that said so much inaccurate information about Gaza I called and wrote a 10 page letter simply correcting the false information contained in it. Bless you for raising the issue with your congressional representative.

    I can’t attach the photos to this comment section but would be happy to email them to you.


  5. dwicjan

    The picture of the boys in the donkey cart driving past destroyed buildings should be shown. The pictures of all the destruction and the girl filling her water bottles are good also.

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