Why I want to return to Gaza!

Friends and family are asking me (most of them incredulously) why do I want to return to Gaza?  Don’t I know how dangerous it is? Can’t I help my friends in Gaza from my home in the USA?

Yes, I know it’s dangerous.  Yes, I could help my friends from home.

My heart is calling me back to Gaza. If I hadn’t visited earlier (September 2012 – May 2013) and met so many wonderful people, I probably wouldn’t have this desire. By nature, I’m not a thrill-seeker trying to dodge danger.

I’m not particularly courageous and I don’t like conflict. That might explain why I didn’t feel comfortable as an advocate in the U.S. legal adversarial system.  I would rather people just get along and hammer out their differences peacefully.

Why do I want to return to a part of the world burdened with so many conflicts? I can’t even speak the language.

The answer might not be simple but it’s real.  My heart and head are telling me that I have skills and talents that can help my friends in Gaza. I also have the health (Al-hamdulillah) and flexibility to follow my heart. Having recently watched several close friends this year battling serious health challenges, I’m feeling particularly blessed and thankful for my good health.

So I’m embarking on this journey with no reservations. Along the way, I’m hoping to educate my fellow Americans about a part of the world that few understand or even care about. My simple message . . . we’d better start caring before it’s too late. Their future is ours, and our future is inextricably linked with the Palestinians, with Israelis, with Egyptians, with people from every corner of the world.

My friends can begin their education by reading this excellent history of Gaza recently published in the New York Times, written by Jean-Pierre Filiu, and available here.





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6 responses to “Why I want to return to Gaza!

  1. Shebana

    Dear Lora, I was in Ramallah recently, working with young people at a theater and returned to Santa Fe, feeling I’d left something so vital behind. I understand the heart calling. And I am so glad to have found your blog on my return and read your thoughtful posts. Thank you for it.

    I wrote about my time in Ramallah here: http://alj.am/VLpB1f
    The article includes information about a beautiful project called The Gaza Monologues http://www.thegazamonologues.com

    Thank you again for this blog on Gaza and all the best wishes as you travel – I will be following in words and spirt – Shebana

  2. I am so delighted to read this … it’s incredibly encouraging for us , I believe People like you do change the world .

  3. Lora, bon voyage and soft landings! Would you contact me by email? I have friends in Gaza I’d love you to meet (I have to ask them first) – in Gaza City. My long-deferred dream is to visit them myself. Will you be in the north too, or only Rafah area?

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