I’m tired

I feel guilty even admitting it because I know my weariness is so minuscule compared to how Palestinians in Gaza feel after three weeks of massacre on top of massacre on top of massacre.

But I am tired.

Thoughtful, well-meaning friends and family have been asking good questions. Why did Hamas start this violence? Why does Hamas want to destroy Israel? Doesn’t Israel have a right to defend itself against terrorism? Whose ultimately responsible for the death and destruction in Gaza?

I appreciate the questions and the thoughtful responses, but my frustration level is growing.

I don’t spend time with the nuts or the Israeli-apologists. I don’t need the heartburn. And I don’t take it personally when someone “blocks” or “unfriends” me on social media.

But my friends and family are asking with an open heart.

The mainstream media’s pro-Israel slant is partially responsible, as well as the unthinking, knee-jerk support from Congress and the White House. When a lie is repeated often enough, the truth is buried.

The truth about Israel and Palestine is buried very deep in the United States. Thank goodness the majority of nations don’t succumb to these lies.

I was thunderstruck when I heard Rabbi Henry Siegman on Democracy Now this week. Siegman is the former head of the American Jewish Congress and the Synagogue Council of America. He was born in Germany shortly before Hitler rose to power and his family fled, eventually ending up in the U.S.

His father was a leader of the Zionist Movement responsible for the creation of the State of Israel (1948). Siegman was ordained an Orthodox rabbi by Yeshiva Torah Vodaas and now serves as president of the U.S./Middle East Project.

Palestinian boys on the beach in Gaza killed by IDF July 2014.

Palestinian boys on the beach in Gaza killed by IDF July 2014.

On July 22, Siegman wrote an opinion piece in Politico in which he explained how Israel provoked this battle in Gaza. I agree with his analysis.

Any thoughtful person — Jew or Gentile — should listen to Rabbi Siegman’s interview on Democracy Now.

Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009)

Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009)

I’m tired of explaining history and sharing facts. The answers to all of your questions are right here ….. in two segments. If you disagree with Rabbi Siegman’s analysis, then you disagree with me and there’s nothing more I can share to change your opinion.

Please listen and watch — segment one and segment two. Two hours total.

All you need is an open mind, an open heart and the ability to see beyond tribal allegiances and lies.

Operation Cast lead (2008-2009)

Operation Cast lead (2008-2009)





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4 responses to “I’m tired

  1. I do not know which ceasefire Israel has “violated” as Mr. Siegman claims. I was not aware that there was a cease-fire – there were ups and downs in the amount of indiscriminate missile attacks on Israel, but the assaults never ceased. Its all well-documented:

    The launches of attacks on Israel sometimes have no relation at all to events outside Gaza. On one occasion, a Salafists group, which calls itself Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin, said that the reasons for their rocket attack on Israel included – hold it – the persecution of Salafi activists in Gaza!

    Other arguments include “violence against Jews is a religious obligation that brings one closer to God”. Not much to do with “Palestinian suffering”.

  2. norma hashim

    Bless you,Lora for caring for the oppressed and the victims even though you dont have to. You are tired because of the weight of your conscience.

  3. Heather Spears

    bless you Lora and your clarity and compassion. These are the answers I also need to all the questions I keep being asked. Heather

    [image: photo] *Heather Spears * artist, writer t: 4535364610 | e: spears.heather@gmail.com | w: http://www.heatherspears.com [image: Facebook] [image: LinkedIn] [image: Google Plus Page] [image: undefined]

  4. Lora, thank you always for your efforts and advocacy for so many people.

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