We Can Help Gaza!

I’ve had friends in the USA ask me in the past few days about how to help. Please read this message from a friend in Malaysia who I will vouch for …. if she says this is the way to help, then THIS is the way to help. Open your pocketbooks as much as you can. #GazaUnderAttack
“We have sent USD 50 000 to Cairo for medical supplies urgently needed in Gaza. Part of it has arrived in Gaza and was delivered to the Ministry of Health Gaza yesterday alhamdulillah.”
“Viva Palestina Malaysia also sponsored 2 of the 5 WHO Emergency Health Kits ( enough for 50,000 people) airlifted by IMA North America (IMANA) due to arrive Cairo on Sunday,20 July 2014 inshaa Allah.”
Delivering medical supplies to the Ministry of Health in Gaza

Delivering medical supplies to the Ministry of Health in Gaza

21 Ramadhan 1435 / 19 July 2014
FIMA Gaza Relief Updates No 12

Dr. Ayman al-Sahbani, head of emergency in al-Shifa hospital described the gruesome situation at Gaza’s main hospital. “People admitted to the hospital come with shrapnel wounds or injuries resulting from the collapse of walls on people when their houses are bombed. Most of those who arrive dead, come dismembered. Some arrive with missing parts. Others are torn to pieces.”

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International, Doctors Without Borders, Nobel Peace Prize Winners in 1999, warned that the response to emergency needs at hospitals in Gaza could worsen quickly “due to already existing chronic shortages of drugs and disposables.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that medical services in Gaza city are on the brink of collapse as the Israeli military onslaught against the Strip continued.
The ground invasion yesterday has further compounded the frequency and severity of deaths and injuries. 267 Palestinians have died (53 child,32women, 16 old men). And more than 2020 wounded seriously.The Ministry of Health (MOH) Gaza has sent an SOS for 50 essential & 20 disposables drug items.


Eight anaesthesiology machines, 10 ventilators, five electrosurgical units, 20 vital sign monitors, ECG machines, five defibrillator machines are urgently needed. Specialists in neurosurgery, anaesthesiology, plastic surgery, general trauma surgery, advanced orthopaedics and burns specialists are needed at Gaza hospitals.

The 7 trucks with USD 200K worth of supplies which entered Gaza four days ago, from the joint team of medical organisations from Egypt, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan coordinated by FIMA has partially met some of these pressing needs. A second consignment of USD500K is being prepared in Cairo for urgent delivery to Gaza. And this convoy will also transport 5 WHO Emergency Health Kits airlifted by IMA North America (IMANA) due to arrive Cairo on Sunday,20 July 2014. The kits are designed for the health needs of 50K people for the ensuing 3 months.

The FIMA team of doctors who have been stationed at Rafah the past 4 days have only verbal promise of entry within the next 1-2 days. Failing which we are exploring the option of entering Gaza via the Erez terminal (Beit Hanoon Crossing Border). 7 European doctors who were denied entry via Rafah have successfully entered Gaza via Erez. Please make doa that our teams would be allowed access into Gaza to assist the much overworked and fatigued Gazan doctors.

This collaboration of doctors from several countries is important to SYNERGISE our relief efforts and NOT duplicate what is already on the ground. Every team member who goes into Gaza brings added value to the MOH and there is simply no room for “disaster tourism”. We are in Gaza to help provide emergency, basic and essential supplies for health care and help restore basic health services to the hospitals and clinics of the MOH.
Please continue passionately your fund raising efforts to help rehabilitate the struggling medical facilities in Gaza.

All forms of generous contributions are acceptable including Zakat & Sadaqah. Kindly find both our banking details, for your banking convenience as attached below. Kindly email your IMA or corporate logo to relief@amueg.org for our display banners on the trucks.

May Allah reward you all abundantly for your prayers and contributions during this blessed month of Ramadhan.
Dr Ashraf Jedaar (+27836754103)
Director,FIMA ReliefA/C Name: FIMA
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Constantia branch: 025309
A/C No: 071848770

Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin (+6012-3200564)
Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council / Viva Palestina Malaysia
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad
Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Account no : 5-64324-601324
Swift Code : MBBEMYKL



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5 responses to “We Can Help Gaza!

  1. “7 European doctors who were denied entry via Rafah have successfully entered Gaza via Erez.” Or, in other words, while Egypt denies doctors to enter Gaza from Rafah, Israel does allow medical staff and humanitarian goods to enter, in addition to creating its own field hospital – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/183104

    No, it doesn’t make the dead rise and walk. But it shows that even when defending itself against a terrorist organization that has no respect or dignity, even for its own people, Israel still does what it can to spare and assist civilians caught in the fighting.

  2. Heather Spears

    Dear Lora *How do I share this inf and video on Facebook?* Am sending money today. Have been supporting one family and am on phone to them daily – no more email or photos or food or WATER – they are 9, and how 23 with people moved in as homes demolished around them. But now want also to support the medical work, thanks for making this inf. available!

    [image: photo] *Heather Spears * artist, writer t: 4535364610 | e: spears.heather@gmail.com | w: http://www.heatherspears.com [image: Facebook] [image: LinkedIn] [image: Google Plus Page] [image: undefined] Free signature tool. CLICK HERE TO GET IT.

  3. Hallie Appel

    You are not permitted to send money to Gaza from the US, but you can send to organizations that help there.

    • You are permitted to send money to the bank in Malaysia and the bank in South Africa listed in my blog post. And there ARE organizations that do good work in Gaza that can provide support.

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