Operation ‘Genocidal Edge’

Rana from Gaza would get an A+ from her English professor if her blog post was merely a school assignment. Unfortunately, it’s real life. Happening today. Now.

rana "palestinian child"

Three days ago, Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge” against the people of Gaza. Targeting civilian homes, mosques and cars, eighty-seven people have been killed and 625 injured. Israeli air-strikes on Gaza have reached eight-hundred and twenty four. Three mosques and at least 128 homes have been destroyed.

Four weeks ago, three Jewish teenagers from illegal settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory were kidnapped and murdered. Without any evidence, Israel accused Hamas of this crime. In retaliation, Israeli forces raided more than a thousand homes, arrested more than 500 people and killed eleven Palestinians, including a child. Obviously for political purposes, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called the murders of the teenagers the work of “beasts” before launching this beastly attack upon my people.
Netanyahu had been looking for an excuse to prevent reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, to once again paint my people as the obstacle to peace in the Middle East and to…

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