I stand in solidarity with Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

The Israeli envoy to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, told the Security Council today (July 10, 2014) that “Hamas dragged us [Israel] into this operation” and to bring the point home, he sounded a siren alarm in the hall to demonstrate that Israelis have only 15 seconds to run for cover when they hear the warning of an approaching rocket.

Always the victim, never the perpetrator.

This selfie published in Haaretz of a mother and child in an Israeli shelter is beyond words.

Sara Eisen's selfie in the bomb shelter Photo by Sara Eisen

Sara Eisen’s selfie in the bomb shelter Photo by Sara Eisen

I wonder if a representative of the Palestinians was present at the emergency meeting of the Security Council and, if so, how would he have illustrated the warning that Palestinians in Gaza get before a missile hits their home. The “knock-knock” tap on the roof?

November 2012 - Israel's warning shot landed 10 feet from a child's bed in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip

November 2012 – Israel’s warning shot landed 10 feet from a child’s bed in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip

Mayor of Khan Yunis points to the warning shot fired into this home in Nov. 2012.

Mayor of Khan Yunis points to the warning shot fired into this home in Nov. 2012.

The “knock-knock” is meant to give the family a 15 minute warning to evacuate before their home is demolished. Tragically, the Israeli Air Force bombed a house in Khan Yunis on Tuesday (July 8, 2014) and killed 8 members of the Kaware family. No selfies to share of this tragic “mistake”.

I don’t know what’s more difficult for me to stomach —

  • The lop-sided media coverage that inevitably portrays Israel as the victim and Hamas as the brutish beast that lured Netanyahu into battle.
  • Describing the Israeli assault in Gaza as a “war” – when one side has F-16 fighter jets; sophisticated missiles and weapons; tactical superiority by air, sea and land; the ability to shut off the opponent’s electricity, water and Internet; and a well-greased Hasbara machine —- while the opponent has rockets that can now reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem without much precision, but no air force, army or navy.
  • Watching life in the U.S. continue uninterrupted with most Americans oblivious to the carnage that is occurring half way around the world.  “WAKE UP!”   Please wake up!
  • Listening to the mainstream press and many friends and family regurgitate the Israeli Hasbara so glibly. Do they really think Palestinians hate Israel more than they love their children? Someone actually wrote that vomit on my Facebook yesterday.
  • Knowing that my friends in Gaza are in harm’s way and there’s nothing I can do to help them.
Lora stands in solidarity with Gaza (July 9, 2014)

Lora stands in solidarity with Gaza (July 9, 2014)







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13 responses to “I stand in solidarity with Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

  1. http://www.unrwa.org/newsroom/press-releases/unrwa-strongly-condemns-placement-rockets-school

    “Yesterday, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered approximately 20 rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip.”

    I know you don’t trust Israeli sources, but perhaps UNRWA will convince you.

    • Thank you Michael. I have posted this link on my Facebook and Twitter. UNRWA doesn’t identify Hamas as the culprit (and it appears to be the first time UNRWA has found rockets in a school).
      UNRWA rightly condemns this action and I do too. Ultimately, Hamas should be held responsible. But this doesn’t explain why Israel targeted schools in 2012.

      • Dear Lora,

        Its the first time UNRWA admits finding rockets in a school. Not the same time as finding them for the first time. And since Hamas rules Gaza with an iron fist, it is responsible for whatever happens there.

        It saddens me to see a pattern – more and more things you claim not to be aware of, or as Hamas or other Palliwood outlets portray them, turn out to be… well, not as you imagined them to be (but exactly as the Israeli “propaganda” describes them). Hamas uses human shields, rockets are stored in Gaza schools, the majority of the casualties in Gaza are, as Israel always claimed, combatants. Mutilated bodies in Gaza are stills from horror movies or images from Syria and Iraq. Dramatic footage of buildings hit seconds after warning shots turn out to be fast-forwarded. Must be really hard for you when your anti-occupation heroes reveal themselves time after time as insane idiots. I am very sorry for you, and hope you’ll take some time to think about these issues and what they mean.

      • Michael — your comment doesn’t require a response from me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I think the truth is a bit more complex than you picture it. For example, reports suggest those killed in the Kaware residence died knowingly, while acting as human shields for Hamas.


    Before the “knock-knock”, the occupants got a phone call, telling them they have 5 minutes to evacuate before the “knock-knock”. After the occupants left, a crowd of young men ran into the house and onto the roof, knowingly positioning themselves in harm’s way. They were harmed.

    Tragical – yes. Israel to blame? Hardly. I’d say, those Hamas heads that go into hiding in well-protected bunkers built underneath apartment buildings, from which they call on Gazans to protect them acting as human shields are to blame for the civilian deaths in Gaza.

    • I don’t buy the “human shield” BS. I’ve neither seen nor heard of any facts to support that claim. But I HAVE seen the “human shield” rhetoric in the Israeli Hasbara play book.

      BTW …. I believe targeting houses (whether the occupants are given a warning or not) is a violation of international law. I’m researching that and will share what I learn in a future blog post.

    • My apologies to Michael. I went looking for evidence that Hamas supports using human shields in Gaza to protect their homes, and I found it. Hamas = idiots! But that doesn’t negate the fact that Israel is targeting homes with a civilian population, and warning the occupants does not (in my view) absolve Israel. http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/hamas-spokesman-urges-gazans-to-act-as-human-shields-for-hamas-leaders/#.U8BcegdJvQg.facebook

      • My ears are wide open to suggestions how Israel should act when missiles are stored and launched from homes of civilians.

      • I have seen no evidence that missiles are stored in the homes.

        I have read reports that the homes destroyed purportedly belong to militants. But if true, that is not justification for killing innocent civilians.

        If your question is — how should Israel end the rocket fire from Gaza — my answer is to end the occupation. This military occupation has gone on for 60+ years and created at least 3 generations of angry Palestinians. The longer Israel waits to end this occupation (or make excuses for not ending it) the deeper the hole it is digging for its own demise.

        Maybe the experiment called State of Israel was only meant to be an experiment.

      • Seriously – how difficult can it be to look it up on the internet? I mean, I find these things in 30 seconds, and so can you.

      • The difference between you and me, Michael, is that I don’t believe everything I see on the Internet. Do you know how to distinguish Hasbara from the truth?

      • Sure, and I provided you with a link to the evidence Hamas is using human shields.

        I could look up all the other evidence for you, like this: http://www.terrorism-info.org.il/en/article/18313#a

        but I think you’ll just brush it off as propaganda. So I think its best if you look for yourself for sources you trust.

        We agree, I think, that Gaza is ruled by stupid, evil, maniacal, blood-thirsty murderous bastards who care little about their own people, let alone Israeli’s. We disagree on the way to deal with them. You propose giving them what they want, which is the destruction of the only country in the Middle East where Arabs actually have freedom and civil rights. I think giving evil murderous idiots what they want is a bad move.

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