An honest narrative

I recently wrote about the dominant narrative that the state of Israel has successfully pandered to western audiences in the form of Hasbara (propaganda). I wrote

There is another narrative, a more honest narrative, that doesn’t paint one side right, the other wrong —- one side virtuous and the other side terrorist.

Israelis and Palestinians need the world to understand this honest narrative, for both their sakes.

People have asked “what is the honest narrative?” “How do we find it?”

For sure —– “honest narrative” doesn’t mean the story has to give both sides equal time —– 300 words for Palestine & 300 words for Israel.

“Honest narrative” doesn’t mean the story has to give both positive and negative messages about each side.

An “honest narrative” informs with facts, not innuendo. It doesn’t demonize the other or use hyperbole to try to sway opinion.

Eva Bartlett from Canada has lived in Gaza since 2008. She writes a blog and has given an “honest narrative” about the situation in Gaza. I urge you to watch/listen to her 30 minute interview posted in December 2013.




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  1. dwicjan

    Thanks for posting this interview.

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