Diamonds . . . all of them

This week I referred to the missing Israeli teenagers as *diamonds* — very valuable in the eyes of their parents, family, friends and the tribe of Jews all over the world.  A Jewish friend in the United States thought that was a very appropriate description.

Those Palestinian children detained and kidnapped by Israeli soldiers (many sitting in Israeli jails or, worse, shot and killed) are also *diamonds* to their parents, family, friends and the tribe of Palestinians all over the world.

My Jewish friend admitted that she has a difficult time thinking of those Palestinian children as *diamonds*.

The same day, a Palestinian friend from Gaza chastised anyone who sympathized with the three missing Israeli teenagers and also considered themselves solidarity activists for the Palestinian cause. She probably felt such sympathy was a betrayal and certainly couldn’t think of those three Israeli teenagers as *diamonds*.

Harry Fear, a British filmmaker, has spent a considerable amount of time in Gaza and speaks about a love jihad for Gaza, a viral love for Gaza. A love for human life. A love for universal human rights, for the sanctity of human life.

He shares the story of Denny from Santa Fe, New Mexico who recently moved to Gaza, and Rachel Corrie, an American teenager who was killed in Gaza in 2004 by an Israeli bulldozer.  Activism is about fighting for a world that loves because what Palestine is missing is justice.

Love as a human force has the power to change the world. 

I agree with everything Harry says in his TEDx talk, but he fails to mention that the human heart is big enough to love everyone, both Palestinians and Israelis. In fact, just like athletes build muscles in preparing for their marathons, activists can build their hearts, strengthening them and growing large enough to encompass all of humanity.


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