What story am I telling?

From a friend of a friend on Facebook.

“This tragedy, the kidnapping of three teenagers is only different from the countless tragedies that occur every day in many places all around the world because it is being used by a large group of people to play out their human dramas. Whether we use this to attack Hamas or ponder the mindset of a sleazy politician (Netanyahu) we are using this tragedy to tell our story. Bibi has his story, you have yours and I have mine. What story am I telling and is it the story I want to live?”

What story am I telling?

I’m trying to share my concern and compassion for the three Israeli teenagers who have been missing five days now.  Their parents, friends and family — indeed, their Jewish tribe around the world — must be very worried about their well-being. I hope they are returned safe and sound very soon.

I’m trying to share my frustration about the Western media’s failure to understand (and report) that there are many parents, friends and a whole tribe of Palestinians very concerned about their missing children detained (another word for kidnapped?) by Israeli authorities, many sitting in jail without charge, a despicable practice known as administrative detention.

I’m trying to share the Golden Rule. When I was living in Gaza, people would ask me “What is your religion?” and they seemed perplex when I said that I don’t follow any single religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam). I believe in the Golden Rule — “Treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated” — which is found in all three monotheistic religions.

I’m trying to share that we can transcend our tribes and have love and compassion for everyone, even those who are not a member of our tribe.

I’m trying to share my belief that if we spread hate, fear and ignorance, we sow more violence. Those three boys may be the victim of violence. We need to find a path that leads away from violence.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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