The blame game

As the “peace talks” crumble in the Middle East == (big surprise!) == the blame game revs up into full gear.

Kerry blames Israel (April 8), then US clarifies that Kerry blames both Israel and Palestine (April 8), and in response Israel blames Palestine (April 9), and finally Israel blames Kerry (April 11).

Secretary of State John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry

Here’s how it apparently went down.

Israel refused to release some Palestinian prisoners as it had promised earlier in order to keep the negotiations moving along. Then Israel approved construction of 700 new housing units in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Palestinian President Abbas decided to carry out his threat if settlement construction continued by submitting 15 applications at the U.N. to join international conventions and treaties.

This is all so predictable, it’s laughable.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)

Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)

I’m not a clairvoyant, and by no means a foreign policy expert, but even I knew the peace talks were bound to fail when they first started. See what I wrote in August.

I have only one observation about the blame game which the mainstream media has failed to pick up.

Under international law, one side’s action is clearly illegal, while the actions of the other side are perfectly legal.

A little analogy might highlight the absurdity.

Let’s say my neighbor and I are having a dispute. We’re each fed up with the other. I know it will piss my neighbor off if I build a shed on his side of the fence without his approval and without any building permits. He knows it will piss me off if he files a complaint at city hall and attends the next planning commission meeting to air his grievances about my shed on his property.

One action is clearly illegal and must be condemned. The other action is a lawful exercise of civil rights.

Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority)

Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority)

Instead of casting blame back and forth as though each side is equally culpable and blameworthy, the media should be reporting that I violated the city’s zoning laws and my neighbor’s property rights. My neighbor took responsible, lawful steps to protect his rights.

There’s no equivalency in this blame game. The media shouldn’t make it seem as though they are equally to blame for the failure of the peace talks.



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  1. dwicjan

    Way past time for the US to stop any type of aid to Israel.

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