My calculus!

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I have decided to use the phrase “Nazi Israel” whenever I share an article or news item that illustrates the point.

I’m going to be very careful (as I’ve always been) to ensure the accuracy of the news I share. I certainly don’t want to be duped or become the unwitting accomplice of anti-Semites who regularly attack the state of Israel because it’s the homeland of the Jewish people.

My beef is not with Jews or even with most Israelis. (I actually think most Israelis are clueless about what is happening in their name just miles from where they live and work.)

My beef is with Netanyahu and his government. He’s setting the tone and establishing the policies that are sending Israel spiraling into an abyss.


I suspect that my use of “Nazi Israel” will infuriate some friends and family. I’ve thought about that . . . carefully.

My intent is not to offend but to educate.

My intent is not to provoke verbal fights and abuse, but to engage in respectful discussion. If you disagree with the phrase “Nazi Israel” — explain why. I will listen carefully.

I don’t “love” the State of Israel, but I love family and friends who do.

I want them to know that I care deeply about the state of Israel, not as a homeland for Jews, but as a potential model for world peace. My friend Sami from Gaza summed it up best.

An Israeli woman, expressed her belief that all people were “chosen,” not just the Jews. Sami responded by saying he believed the Hebrew tribe was chosen to bring the highest law to mankind–– how to treat your fellow humans. And the law was for everyone.

The state of Israel is headed along a very dangerous trajectory. Everyone who cares about the future of Israel and Palestine must engage now before it’s too late.



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2 responses to “My calculus!

  1. Kerry

    Check this out. This is following another blog post called “Nazi Israel”. She’s certainly not afraid of stirring the pot! 🙂

  2. dwicjan

    I like the term “Nazi Israel”. It seems too true. The government of Israel is acting towards Palestinians and other Arabs as the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe.

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