Israeli Hasbara Tabled in New Mexico

New Mexico State Capitol Building - called the Roundhouse

New Mexico State Capitol Building – called the Roundhouse

As reported here and here and here, New Mexico Legislators were asked to weigh in on a resolution that (if we’re honest about it) is pure propaganda (otherwise known as hasbara) in favor of the State of Israel.  Five other states have considered this same <!*%!> and we were watching it closely.

Any sane person might ask “Why are New Mexico lawmakers opining about foreign policy? Don’t they have enough matters addressing the needs of their own constituents to keep them busy in a 30 day session?”  Simple answer: we have some insane Legislators.

My international friends may not understand the lawmaking process in the USA, but in New Mexico (unlike some larger states), it is very easy for us plain, ordinary folk to visit, call or email state lawmakers and tell them what we think. And a bunch of us did exactly that!  I have a hunch that the five members of the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee (HCPAC) heard an earful (meaning ALOT).

Tonight the HCPAC held a meeting and HR1 was on the agenda.  The sponsor (Rep. Herrell) didn’t even bother attending the meeting.  She probably “counted the votes” before it began and knew her resolution would not pass.  The chairman of the committee was going to pass over HR1 since the sponsor was absent, but another Legislator on the committee noticed the people in the audience who wanted to speak about it. Some people had driven from Albuquerque (1 hour away) to ask Legislators to oppose HR1.

And so the resolution was heard —- meaning people were able to testify. Then Representative Chasey moved HR1 be TABLED (which means to put it on the “back burner” effectively killing it). Her motion passed 3-1. YEAH!

I don’t know how Palestinians make laws. When I visited Gaza in 2012-2013, I didn’t attend any legislative meetings. I wonder if any are held in Gaza.  I’d like to learn about the lawmaking process there.  Maybe …. if I return!


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