Note to New Mexico Legislators

Israeli hasbara in the New Mexico Legislature shows the influence that the State of Israel has in my country. What would Middle East politics look like if the Palestinians had the same paid lobbyists in Washington, DC and the same amount of money available to make campaign contributions?  I’d rather have a war between the dueling lobbyists than the drones, missiles and rockets flying overhead. Read HR1 here.
Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-Otero County)

Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-Otero County)

Dear _____,
HR1 – Commending Israel – has been assigned to the HJC. I urge you to vote NO on HR1.
I lived in Gaza, Palestine (Sept.12 – May 13) and taught university environmental engineering students about climate change. That extended visit gave me a perspective about the Middle East conflict that very few Americans have had. I understand better today the role the US has played in prolonging the Israeli occupation for the past 66 years, to the detriment of both the State of Israel and the Palestinians.
I believe most thoughtful people want to see a future in the Middle East where both Israelis and Palestinians flourish side-by-side in peace, just as the Jews, Christian and Muslims did many years ago. Unfortunately, HR1 undermines this goal by perpetuating a deeply flawed and one-sided history of the region.
If NM Legislators want to opine about foreign policy and foreign relations, I encourage a study session be arranged sometime after this short 30-day session has ended. There are knowledgeable people representing all sides of the conflict who would be honored to spend time informing Legislators about these complex issues.
Thank you for considering my request to vote NO on HR1.

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