#Gazakids and their mini-Arks

Gaza ark 2

#GazaArk: Center for the Children of Palestine Cultural – November 30 – Children of Gaza sent mini-Arks off into the sea to spotlight the inhumane conditions under which the Palestinians in Gaza, and particularly the children, live. These mini-Arks will send a symbolic message of defiance against an illegal blockade.

Children in Gaza built 100s (by one account) of mini-Arks and released them into the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday. I wish I could have been there to see it, but I was there in spirit and on twitter.

These kids have lived their entire lives in the Gaza Strip, no bigger than Manhattan, without freedom of movement and now without electricity and other basic conditions we take for granted – like fuel for cars and generators, like trash pick-up, like an operating sewage treatment plant – because Israel and Egypt have a choke-hold on this besieged tiny enclave where 1.7 million Palestinians live.

Gaza ark 3

I bet most children in the United States can’t even imagine a life without trash pick-up. Americans have a throw-away culture and we don’t give a thought where our trash ends up.  We certainly don’t give it a thought about what happens to the crap that we flush down the toilet. (Which reminds me of the day I took my son’s cub scout group to the city’s sewage treatment plant so they could see the equipment and the process for getting rid of our wastes.  Each of them had huge eyes that day!) The crap in Gaza is now flowing in the streets — a humanitarian health disaster of immense proportions!

Gaza ark 4

#GazaArk: mini-Ark from Crete,Greece in solidarity with#GazaKids

“There are atrocious conditions in other parts of the world” you say. Very true! But none of them are the result of deliberate government policies. This humanitarian disaster in Gaza is one of our own making, and could be averted if President Obama and Secretary Kerry said the word. “STOP!”

American tax dollars are supporting Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, to the tune of $3 billion+ per year.  US Congressmen and women have succumbed to AIPAC’s relentless bullying and support policies that facilitate Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip.

Gaza ark 5

#GazaArk: Mini-arks made by children in #Athens,#Greece 30/11/2013 in solidarity with #GazaKids

People in many other nations understand the situation in the Middle East and the injustices that are occurring. Americans don’t.

Gaza ark



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  2. Linda Moscarella

    Don’t give up! You are making a difference because you don’t. Almost everyone (myself included) would prefer not to have to think about the plight of the Palestinians of Gaza. But you don’t let us. Good on you.

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