Operation Pillar of Defense – one year later

from Harry Fear – November 14, 2013

“A year ago today, after attacking non-combatants (including children) in Gaza in the preceding days, Israel launched its second Open War on Gaza. We all remember it, and we shan’t forget it.

“Israel’s use of force constituted a deliberate policy of state terrorism, inflicted reckless on a largely defenceless, third world, oppressed, historically displaced population.”

“To the Western world the [187 Palestinian dead killed during the 8-day war] represent some kind of ‘collateral damage’. Well, they are not ‘war casualties’ and these deaths will never be erased from our consciences. Millions of people will tirelessly seek justice in their names.”

This video is a commemorative naming of the dead that was produced shortly after the ceasefire that ended those horrendous days of war. — with Mohanad Nabhan and Noor Harazeen in Gaza, Palestine.”

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