State-sponsored terror

There’s a lot of state-sanctioned killing in our world today.

The most recent example occurred in Washington DC yesterday when a mentally ill woman rammed her car into the White House barricade. She was shot and killed as she tried to escape.

White House Security

White House Security

On Monday, the Israeli Defense Forces shot and killed a Palestinian civilian in Gaza. His family said he was trying to breach the border between Gaza and Israel so that he could look for a job in Israel.

Israel Defense Forces

Israel Defense Forces

And then there are the state-sanctioned executions that occur in our death chambers every year. I watched closing arguments in the courtroom in Albuquerque this week in such a case. The 2012 execution list is here.

Why do I connect all of these killings?  If a representative of the government performs the execution in the death chamber, on the street or at the border, then it must be lawful – right?  There might be some people who are thankful that “law enforcement” works this way. It gives them a measure of comfort.

Not me.

We are living in a police state that is fear-driven, hemorrhaging testosterone, and bloated with ego and self-righteousness.

In that world, no one is beyond the next bullet.


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