Videos document atrocities

Three years ago, Bradley Manning released this video that went viral.  The video shows the U.S. military slaughtering innocent Iraqis on the ground from a helicopter.  Remember it?

Now check this video out.   It was published today on YouTube and purportedly shows the Israeli army shooting a Palestinian near the Gaza border.  The soldiers are speaking in Hebrew.  The date of the shooting is unknown. Anyone who can give me details about this video — please contact me at

Do you see any similarities between the US “War on Terror” and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine?  If you were on the ground in Iraq or Palestine, what would you be thinking?


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One response to “Videos document atrocities

  1. The second video is actually combined out of two videos – one of someone waving a white flag, one of someone being shot. Why put these two together and with what purpose? I guess the makers try to create the impression that Israeli soldiers shoot someone who was waving a white flag. But there is no evidence it is the same person, the same day or even the same location in the two parts of the video. Most likely, the person being shot is a terrorist nearing the border fence who is killed by sniper fire. Atrocities? No, just defence of one’s borders.

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