The House Divided

Consider this.

You and your family have lived in this three-story house for many years, as long as your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents can remember.

A new family moves into the neighborhood one day and decides to settle in.  They want your home; you’re shocked and angry.

The neighborhood mediator tries to bring peace. He decides to divide the house – the first two floors are given to the newcomers; you’re told that you can keep the top floor of the house.

This doesn’t seem fair.

  • It was your house for many years
  • The 12 members in your family are told to move to the top floor, while the 4 members in the new family are given TWO floors of the house.
  • The new family has control over your movement in and out of the top floor of the house. You feel like a prisoner.
  • And while you can’t even visit the first two floors, the new family comes upstairs and ransacks through your belongings at will. There is no privacy.
  • The new family has also decided they want parts of your third floor and they begin to build walls and new rooms on the 3rd floor.

You endure because you must.  There is no alternative.  And as this “arrangement” continues 30-40-50-60 years, you lose hope.

You still have the key to the front door but the new family ignores your rights and the laws; and the mediator definitely sides with them.

What are your options?

  • Resist violently and non-violently
  • Go to the court and seek justice
  • Engage in talks with the mediator and the new family

What would you do?


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One response to “The House Divided

  1. Consider this – you have a house you lived in for many years. Then a criminal gang invades, expels you and sells you to slavery overseas. After many years of hardship, you return to your homeland to find your house occupied by some of your neighbours. Its your house, but you recognize the neighbours have lived there for long time, so you don’t want to be mean, even though the neighbours practically ruined the house and even though they have the whole street to live in. You offer to share your house. In response, all the neighbours try to kill you. What would you do?

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