Palestine’s Soul


Music and art represent the Palestinian’s soul.

This Spring, I was treated to a very special performance in Gaza. These young Palestinians – each very talented in his own right – made magic when they came together to perform just for me one evening.

I will never forget the sound from the Oud and the other instruments; and the joy I witnessed on their faces as they played.

Oh, I wish there was a way that Americans could see and hear them. The music video at the bottom of the blog is, unfortunately, not theirs but it’s included to give an idea of the sounds I heard that evening.

My dream is that I will find a way to share their talents with Americans one day soon!


The musicians arrive!

534893_10200984384637725_832521849_n483446_10200984423198689_335855674_n549141_10200984400318117_876370149_n (1)557974_10200984396798029_785865419_n155773_10200984451319392_1178227815_n388723_10200984461479646_1880854768_n579714_10200984514880981_489773439_n555691_10200984527961308_827426467_n39309_10200984485960258_1991628536_n45494_10200984505880756_825836977_n155773_10200984451319392_1178227815_n 485360_10200984444919232_1862342127_n531821_10200984459239590_1601301226_n534771_10200984429438845_105947650_n

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