“We need a little war!”

I woke up to very good news this morning.

The European Union has taken decisive steps to expose the elephant in the living room.  On June 30th, the EU adopted new guidelines that

will prohibit the issuing of grants, funding, prizes or scholarships unless a settlement exclusion clause is included. Israeli institutions and bodies situated across the pre-1967 Green Line will be automatically ineligible.

An Israeli spokesman called this news an “earthquake” and will “create a lot of bad blood.”

The move follows a decision by EU foreign ministers last December that “all agreements between the state of Israel and the EU must unequivocally and explicitly indicate their inapplicability to the territories occupied by Israel in 1967”.  All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

I agree . . . this IS an earthquake and I hope it shakes the White House and the Halls of Congress too.  Wishful thinking?!  Maybe.  Maybe not.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement began 8 years ago and has been growing steadily ever since.  The EU decision is a very big deal.

The EU is Israel’s largest trading partner —- nearly $40 billion in exports/imports in 2011.  Israel’s housing minister says the EU’s decision is “reminiscent of boycotts of the Jews in Europe over 66 years ago.”  Yep, it’s always about that history.

The PLO says the EU “has moved from the level of statements, declarations and denunciations to effective policy decisions and concrete steps, which constitute a qualitative shift that will have a positive impact on the chances of peace.”

It’s only a matter of time before the world boycotts the illegal settlements and Israel capitulates to world pressure.

Meanwhile, things could get pretty nasty.

Israeli leaders must feel like their backs are up against the wall.  This movement to “delegitimize” Israel, as Netanyahu likes to call it, is designed to get Israel to end the occupation, nothing more.  But Israeli leaders have shown no interest in complying with international law about its occupation; and it’s a safe bet to assume that Israeli leaders don’t appreciate being told what to do.

What to do?  Hmmmmm!

I suspect we will see a little war in the near future.  What better way to get the world’s attention off the ball (illegal settlements in the oPt) and gain some sympathy for Israel?

  • Create a rai·son d’être for a little war.  Manufacture tension to justify military intervention.
  • Where should we have our little war?  Gaza, of course.  We’ve already convinced most of the world that Hamas are terrorists. Terrorists are legitimate targets.  Civilians are only collateral damage. We can control the operation in Gaza.
  • How can we legitimize our little war?   We know there is no love loss between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood. They just successfully ousted Morsi.  Maybe we can get them to oust Hamas (also Muslim Brotherhood).
Military checkpoint in the Sinai near Al Arish

Egyptian military checkpoint in the Sinai near Al Arish

  • How do we get the Egyptian military to do our bidding? Kill some Egyptian policemen or security officials in the Sinai near the Gaza border and blame Palestinian militants.  Hamas will deny it but how can they prove a negative?  Ha!  Egypt will close the Rafah border, perfect!
Teenagers riding in a tank in the Sinai

Teenagers riding in a tank in the Sinai

Two women sitting under a large truck in the Sinai

Two women sitting under a large truck in the Sinai

The perfect recipe for our little war!  Watch and see.  The world’s attention will quickly move away from our settlements in the West Bank.

Egyptian tank on the street corner in Al Arish

Egyptian tank on the street corner in Al Arish



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