Glenn Greenwald @ Socialism Conference

The National Security Agency (NSA), or some part of the “intelligence” network in my government, has been monitoring my Blog, Facebook, Emails and Cell Phone ….. I’m sure of it.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

But given the fact that I made no secret about my travel to Gaza — the den of terrorists according to my government — I would assume that might peak someone’s curiosity somewhere.

Or maybe I’m just too self-absorbed.

In any case, this 54-minute video of Glenn Greenwald speaking via Skype at the recent Socialism Conference is profoundly inspiring.  He shares his experience meeting Edward Snowden and spending 11 days with him in Hong Kong.  “Courage is contagious.”

Greenwald also talks about the sorry state of journalism (and many journalists) today.  I hope this video is shared in Journalism 101 classes on college campuses everywhere this Fall.

Maybe I’m not paranoid or self-absorbed after-all.

Watch. Think. Then Act.


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