Chief Palestinian Negotiator

20 May 2013 – A very important briefing at the United Nations by Mr. Saeb Erakat, Chief Palestinian Negotiator and Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and developments in the political process.

Mr. Saeb Erakat, Palestinian Negotiator

Mr. Saeb Erakat, Palestinian Negotiator

This video is essential viewing for anyone who wants a clear understanding of the position of Palestinian President Abbas and the Palestinian National Authority.

He says Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has three options.

  1. Two states based on the pre-1967 borders
  2. One secular, democratic state
  3. Continuation of the current apartheid system which is unsustainable.

Mr. Erakat says the Israeli occupation must end.  And he urges people to reject Netanyahu’s “broken record” that Israel has no partner with whom to negotiate.

“If Palestinians had Mother Teresa for President, Montesquieu as Speaker and Thomas Jefferson as Prime Minister”, the Israeli leader would still label them all as Osama bin Laden and reject their efforts at negotiating.

I hope Americans who are concerned about peace in the Middle East will listen to this presentation.  Hearing the Palestinian position unfiltered by the Western media bias is very valuable.

The video is available here.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa



Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson



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