The Nakba – Part V

The facts about the Catastrophe of 1948 are clearly documented.  There is no denying this shameful history, although some try.  Part II here and Part III here and Part IV here.

Many American Jews send their children to Israel on free 10-day birthright tours to learn about their Jewish culture and the history of Israel.  They are steeped in the propaganda of national pride but I don’t believe they learn the history of the Nakba.

A Jewish friend once told me that I was asking her family to commit psychological suicide by confronting the facts of Israel’s birth, the Nakba, and the ongoing brutal Occupation of the Palestinian refugees.

A new documentary by Lia Tarachansky called The Seven Deadly Myths addresses this cognitive dissonance in Israeli society.

Maybe the Middle East needs more thoughtful, caring psychologists and fewer mediators and negotiators.


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