Prisoners’ Day: Palestine Remembers Loved Ones in Israeli Gulag

I am sharing this post from my friend in Gaza, Yousef Aljamal , who shares facts about the Palestinians held in Israeli jails. This piece does not mention the Administrative Detention, which Israel uses to detain people without charge and without presenting any evidence. The Administrative Detention can be extended multiple times, effectively incarcerating Palestinians without due process. The international community should be outraged.

He who is brave is free

Prisoners’ Day: Palestine Remembers Loved Ones in Israeli Gulag 

3Translated by Yousef M. Aljamal

The Palestinian people mark Prisoners’ Day on April 17 every year, expressing the continuity of struggle to liberate detainees in the occupation jails. It’s a day of freedom. A day of refusing injustice, chains, and the dominance of occupiers over their life and dignity.

 Prisoners’ Day marks the release of Mahmoud Baker, the first Palestinian prisoner held by Israel after 1967, on April 17, 1974 in a swap deal. According to the statistics published by the director of Statistics Department at the Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees and former prisoner Abdulnasser Frawna:

 1- 4750 Palestinians are detained in the Israeli jails including children, women, sick, handicapped, elders, MPs and former ministers etc. They are held under very tough conditions where they are deprived of their basic rights and they are exposed to various forms of torture…

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