One State, Not Two

I always believed that the United Nations created Israel by approving the Partition plan in 1947, but now I understand that I was wrong.

A more accurate reading of history (see here) indicates that the General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution to recommend the partition plan, but the Security Council took no action on the resolution.  David Ben-Gurion unilaterally declared the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

Ever since, the community of nations (at least many of them) have been trying to figure out how to create TWO states — one for Israel and one for Palestine.  With no legal borders yet, the State of Israel appears to be an anomaly.

Anyone who has visited the Middle East in recent years knows that a viable state for Palestine is no longer possible.  Israel has been building settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories at break-neck speed, creating the ‘facts on the ground’ that will prevent a sovereign Palestinian state from ever existing.


Although President Obama continues to talk about a two-state solution, and presumably Secretary of State John Kerry is in the Middle East now talking about a two-state solution, many people inside Israel don’t support the idea, as in this recent opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post.

And so the question becomes “what now”?

Some of my new friends in Gaza have told me they support One State, a single, secular, democratic state for all people, regardless of race or religion.   This short video expresses the same sentiment.



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5 responses to “One State, Not Two

  1. Josef Stalin, former leader of the Communist Soviet Union gave the “Jews” a “homeland” back in the 1930s. It is the size of Switzerland, and is on the Russia/China border. It is called “Birobidzhan” and Jews still live there today, but not so many. Most of them cling to the myth and wishful thinking of a “state of Israel” which unfortunately happens to be the land that millions of Arabs have lived on for the past 2,000 years–and it was called Palestine by the world until 1948 when the European banking cartels and the nations of Great Britain, Germany, and the USA took the land away from its inhabitants and “gave” it to European/Russian Jews who pretended it was for a “Jewish homeland” which they did not need once World War 2 was over and done with. Hitler and the majority of the so-called Nazis were all dead or in prison, and there was no danger to keep anyone from going back to where they came from. But Israel was not really a “homeland” but it was to become a POWER BASE and show the world how the Ashkenazis could dominate the world. They have pushed and bribed and waged war on the Arabs and they believe they have just about achieved their goal of world domination. I personally believe their world power will be short lived.

    • James Richards

      You really need to stop spreading propaganda and find some historical facts. You do realise that a lot of Israelis are Arab? That nearly all the Jewish Arabs of the surrounding arab nations migrated to Israel? During the Arab Israel war it was a Yemen Jewish general who was in charge of the Golan Heights operation. And saying that the area was refereed to for 2000 years as Palestine is a ridiculous statement. 2000 years ago that area would have been refereed to as Judea as it was governed by the Roman Empire at that time, It has then had various names through out the ages. For quite some time it was part of the Ottoman Empire.

  2. There IS a State of Israel today ….. a reality that the vast majority of the world accepts. You, and many Palestinians, may not want to acknowledge it —– just as many Israelis do not acknowledge Palestinians. A call for one SECULAR state in this video is not a call for a State of Palestine where everyone “must undergo Palestinian law and rules.” In a democratic state, the people who live there make the laws and the rules. And so the Jews, the Muslims, the Christians and everyone living in this new state would work together to create the laws and the rules. As I write these words, it is beginning to sound like a fairy-tale.

  3. Yes one state. Give Palestine their land back. Let the world acknowledge the existence of Palestine. And whoever wants to live in it must undergo Palestinian law and rules.
    There is no state of Israel, we certainly dont acknowledge its existence, so how can there ever be a two state solution?

    One state solution only, and that state is Palestine.

    • James Richards

      Well this attitude dose not help anyone gain peace or freedom. There is a country called Israel it does exist, it is on all major maps of the World etc, you can’t simply deny that a nation exists just because you don’t like the way in which they behave. If Israel had not be formed there would not have been any form of Palestine as Eygpt, Syria and Jordon would have devided the area amongst themselves. When Egypt took control of Gaza, the first time between 1948 and 1956 then again 1957 – 1967 they didn’t allow they didn’t annex it and they didn’t allow them to govern themselves, the rest of the Arab world had no real interest in helping the Palestinians.

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