عيد ال أم في غزة — Mother’s Day in Gaza

I recall very clearly one of the first conversations I had with a young Palestinian university student in Gaza.  He talked about his mother and how important she was in his life.   He wanted to get a good education and then a good job so that he could take care of his parents, especially his mother.

Yesterday (March 21) was Mother’s Day in Palestine.   We woke up to a bouquet of flowers on the table, and the “children” (young adults) had brought plants home to their mother for the garden she has out back.

Flowers and plants for mother in Gaza.

Flowers and plants for mother in Gaza.

In the evening the family went out to celebrate and we ended up on the corniche along the beachfront.  Here are some photos, not mine.

Mothers all over the world appreciate being remembered and honored on their “special” day.  In the USA, I love receiving the phone calls, the flowers and the cards on Mother’s Day.   And chocolate is a very special treat. 🙂

This year, Mother’s Day in the USA will be celebrated on Sunday, May 12 [hint-hint].    Although I’m likely going to be in Gaza on that day, I feel like I have many children now —– my three grown sons in the USA; and many, many young adults in Gaza.

Mothers everywhere in the world have very big hearts that can hold many, many children, and they tend to think more about the future than fathers do.

That’s why I think we need more mothers in politics and leadership positions everywhere in the world.  Our future depends on it.


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