A Note to President Obama

Why are you coming to the Middle East next week?   The press hasn’t reported any agenda or initiatives other than some sightseeing visits and a speech to Israeli students.

Would you hire me as your speechwriter?   Just for a day?   My qualifications include living in Gaza for 5+ months.  I’ve learned a lot.

Here are the three points I would include in your speech next week:

  • The world is small and getting smaller.   It is more important than ever to build bridges, not walls.  The walls we build, both literally and figuratively, only divide and impede understanding and peace.  The U.S. will tear down the wall between our country and our “enemies” and begin talking with them, including Hamas in Gaza.   There is no logical reason why the U.S. should have diplomatic relations with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and not try to establish relations with the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.  We may vehemently disagree with them on many issues, but we will talk and we will listen.
  • The U.S. has been a good friend and partner for Israel (just witness our numerous vetoes in the U.N. Security Council on its behalf) and the U.S. Congress is even considering a resolution to support Israel if it attacks Iran.  Our generous financial aid to Israel has grown year after year (now over $3 Billion/year) and most of it is directed to the military.   During my final term in office (2013-2016), the U.S. will expect Israel’s cooperation with international demands to stop building settlements on occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank.  Failure to comply will require us to withhold our financial largess.
  • The Occupation must end. It is in the best interest of all parties and for the future generations who will inherit this land.  There is no such thing as a benevolent occupier or a democratic occupation.  Israel’s future depends on establishing normal relations with its neighbors and acknowledging the injustices that were perpetrated when Israel was first established and continue to this day.  Sadly, we know the U.S. has not been a neutral, unaligned peace broker and we no longer have the credibility to assume that role.  So the U.S. is going to encourage the United Nations to take strong initiatives to broker the peace once and for all.  The U.N. created Israel in 1947; the U.N. must create the future state(s) for all people in this region.

What do you think of these points, President Obama?  Should I start drafting your speech?



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4 responses to “A Note to President Obama

  1. Kay Hays

    I wish you could draft his speech! Kay

  2. Three cheers for you, Lora. Hope he sees this.

  3. Linda Moscarella

    Hear, hear! I love the speech. I hope the president does too!

  4. Thank you Fady. It is not a good idea to post your phone and email on the blog where everyone can see them.

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